Saturday, 19 November 2011

Obsessed with Montague Jeunesse products, best face scrubs and face masks I have ever used on my tumblr I had mentioned them a lot. There quite cheap as well, for how good they are it's quite surprising there not expensive.
Any way they brought out some new stock the other day and I just had to get these two. I have tried out the 'Cristal Glace' one and it was amazing my skin felt ever so smooth afterwards. Its basically a face scrub so I will defiantly be buying the bottle of it. I haven't tried the 'Tea tree face spa' yet but it's tea tree so it must be good. I will do a review once I have used it.
I would give 'Cristal Glace' a 9/10 which is very high because of its instance effect on my face.
You can buy either of them here or if you live in the UK, asda, boots and I think superdrug sell them.
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