Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Lazy Evening

Today was literally the longest school day ever, after staying behind after school for an hour and a half for art I am shattered so decided to have a lazy evening. So far this has consisted of napping and eating chocolate, healthy! The rest of the evening I am planning to make a few posts and shape up my blog a bit. I am also working on a 'art blog' which will be based on Tumblr however. I will post write a post on it when it is published. While burning this candle, the smell is sensational! 
What is everyone up to?


Monday, 28 January 2013

Instagram - soph_blackman

Now that I have instagram I can do a weekly post on a Sunday on what I have been up too. This week I just had a lazy week, school, spent a lot of time setting up my iphone and stayed at a friends house, then my boyfriends. So a pretty boring first weekly post! Done some sketches (second picture) and just ate and slept.
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IPhone 4s!

Look what came in the post for me the other day! Finally my iphone 4s came, its amazing actually took this picture on it, the lighting is bad because it is so dark in my room because its late but it's still pretty good quality. 
I'm just adding a few apps at the moment, and music but the iphone met my expectations! 

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Monday, 14 January 2013

Been a while since I have posted on this blog, although I didn't really use it any ways.
However! a fresh start for this blog is needed, I have added a new theme and am slowly upgrading it by adding bits here and there! suggestions would be helpful.
I personally love to read beauty blogs, review products, test hundreds of different products and I want to go into this type of career as a journalist one day, so what better thing to spend my money on and use my spare time towards?
This blog will be updated three times or more a week, the least being twice a week as sometimes understandably I am busy with education. This blog will be dedicated to beauty products, new and old, high street and designer and will feature outfit posts, personal posts, some craft posts and much more! although mainly beauty and outfits!
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