Monday, 25 February 2013

Kiss Nail Wraps - Leopard Print

Kiss Leopard Print Nail Wraps Review
Got these nail wraps in my stocking for Christmas, now my first thought was 'ah nail wraps what a pain' as I have always found them annoying to apply and they normally tend to last two days max! However, thanks to these shockingly good nail wraps I have been converted. Lovely prints, easy and quick to apply. All i had to do was stick them on then file my nails afterwards, a five minute job! Fitted my finger nails nicely too as I have tiny finger nails. So I specially recommend if like me you have tiny hands and nails and find it hard to find the perfect fitting nail wraps.
I would highly recommend these to any nail art lovers, lasted around 2 and a half weeks which I was very impressed with! Admittedly now and again they would annoyingly start to peel off, but a simple splash of topcoat over the top held them in place.  
These are retailed at around £6 - £7 in Asda, Boots, Superdrug etc.


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