Wednesday, 19 June 2013

These last few months have been so crazy, they have had their ups and downs but my summer has now officially started! This month and a bit of last month I had 11 exams, including my big 10 hour art exam (final piece bottom corner on the right) which I ended up being quite pleased with. But finally last Friday I finished my exams for a well earned relaxing weekend, which I spent tending to my eyebrows and nails which had been neglected during the exam period (bad I know). 
Other than exams I have been up to quite a lot. First of it was my boyfriend's birthday in April and we went to The Real China to celebrate. I'm not sure if it is all over the UK, but if you live in Hertfordshire you have to go there! We also went and saw The Croods, which was so funny. I have visited the cinema quite a lot these past 3 months, I also saw Iron Man 3 and The Hangover Part 3 (both you need to see if you haven't). 
As I have previously posted about a couple of weeks ago me and my mum went to Oxford Street in London for the day, to do shopping for prom. After finding my dress we went shopping in London and returned home with bags full of goodies but also extremely tired!
What have you been up to recently?


Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation - Review

Good and bad things to say in this review, but being honest mostly bad. First off when applying my make up I am often in a rush. Aren't most of us? and I like a foundation that is quick and easy to apply. However, this foundation was a nightmare to apply, it took ages to blend it in and didn't go on smoothly like my Clinque foundation at all! Even with the help of Benefit porefessional underneath. It weirdly made my skin feel rough and even though it says it is oil free (as I have oily skin) it made my skin so oily it was horrible. I looked ultra shinny and had to apply quite a lot of powder to stop some of the shine. I also noticed it creased up a lot around my eyes, which I have never had trouble with, with a foundation before.
I wore the foundation for roughly 5 hours and didn't apply it once, when I got home and looked in the mirror it looked as if I had removed my make up. Not that it covered my blemishes anyways. It left my blemishes showing but also still managed to leave me looking shining.
On to the positive note, I do however like the packaging. The normal foundation I use does not have a pump but this product does, which really helped to not use up to much of the product. Also I'd say the shade matched my skin pretty well and left no lines on my jaw or neck.
 I would not recommend this product to anyone with oily skin as it just brings out the oil on your face, but if you have dry skin and are on a budget then they may just be perfect for you!


This post is inspired by my favourite magazine, Company. Every month Company does a 'Unlikely Style icon' on the back page, which I personally love to read. So I thought why not every month or maybe more than once a month do my own intake of one for my blog!
This month I thought I'd start with aiming at my favourite high street store, Topshop. I scanned through a couple of their pages until I discovered what was inspiring Topshop this month. Zebra's! Most of their designs were covered in Zebra print or cute Zebras, looks like this months style icon is Marty the Zebra from the much loved film, Madagascar. Zebra's have taken over Topshop and given Topshop a edgy fashpiration! 
My favourites being the cute socks and the sexy yet cute bra-let, what's caught your attention?


Monday, 3 June 2013

 Prom and casual shopping in London!

 Selfridges, Mac Counters/ Mac Lipsticks/ Mac Sketch/ Chanel Counter/ Amazing Chanel Wall/ Tiffany and Co/ Louboutins/ Cheeky purchase/ Alexander McQueen Scarfs/ Michael Kors watches/ Disney Store/ Spiderman statue want for my room/ so many cuddly toys/ princess castle/ so many dvds to choose from/ mango summer fruit from costa/ topshop

On Saturday me and my mum went to London, Oxford Street for the day. On a tense adventure to find my prom dress! After trying on every single style of dress I could carry we eventually found the perfect one, so what did we do afterwards? 
The first thing me and my mum did was of course head straight to McDonald's breakfast, how can you shop on an empty stomach? After we headed to Primark as it was half 9 in the morning and as we all know shop at Primark the earliest you possibly can, it was so good being able to walk around Primark when it was quiet, specially in Oxford Street. 
And how can you go to Oxford Street and not go to Selfridges? I literally ran to Mac and picked up the lipstick 'Cockney' (a review will be up when I have used it a couple of times). We then explored, eyeing up the Louboutins my favourite being the spiked ones and of course I fell in love with the Alexander McQueen skull scarf! I really wanted to get my nails painted by Chanel but we didn't have enough time, but how cute are these hanging massive nail polishes?   
As a huge lover of Disney I practically dragged my mum into the Disney store and refused to leave without taking back a souvenir! So I did I brought one of these gorgeous Bullseye cuddly toys from Toy Story (I will do a haul post next) the store was so cute as you can see in the photos as you went downstairs it was a palace like theme filled with goodies, defiantly one of my favourite parts of the trip. Sadly I didn't get many pictures of other places we went, only a few from Topshop as it was crazy and so packed with people! It was such a successful shopping trip and such a lovely day!

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