Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation - Review

Good and bad things to say in this review, but being honest mostly bad. First off when applying my make up I am often in a rush. Aren't most of us? and I like a foundation that is quick and easy to apply. However, this foundation was a nightmare to apply, it took ages to blend it in and didn't go on smoothly like my Clinque foundation at all! Even with the help of Benefit porefessional underneath. It weirdly made my skin feel rough and even though it says it is oil free (as I have oily skin) it made my skin so oily it was horrible. I looked ultra shinny and had to apply quite a lot of powder to stop some of the shine. I also noticed it creased up a lot around my eyes, which I have never had trouble with, with a foundation before.
I wore the foundation for roughly 5 hours and didn't apply it once, when I got home and looked in the mirror it looked as if I had removed my make up. Not that it covered my blemishes anyways. It left my blemishes showing but also still managed to leave me looking shining.
On to the positive note, I do however like the packaging. The normal foundation I use does not have a pump but this product does, which really helped to not use up to much of the product. Also I'd say the shade matched my skin pretty well and left no lines on my jaw or neck.
 I would not recommend this product to anyone with oily skin as it just brings out the oil on your face, but if you have dry skin and are on a budget then they may just be perfect for you!


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