Monday, 29 July 2013

Lush - Popcorn Lip Scrub Review

Lush's popcorn lip scrub - £5.25 buy from here!
Do I suffer from dry lips? Yes. Have I possibly tried every product out there? Yes. In the summer my lips don't get as dry but living in England we get the odd cold and rainy day, when dry lips like to just crawl up on you. 
Around about a month ago I popped into my local Lush in a hunt for a new product to try, admittedly I was drawn to this product due to the flavor 'popcorn'. Anything popcorn and you've got me hooked! My first thought when I got home was 'This so isn't going to smell or taste like popcorn', I was wrong. The scent is so obviously popcorn that when I get a whiff off it I think of the cinema, and the taste, well the taste. The taste is amazing and beats the object of its purpose because you just want to lick it off your lips and eat it! 
But you can't just buy a product now for its taste can we? as much as we may want to, a product needs a good purpose and this product does that very well!
Now this next part may sound kind of gross but I think it is the best way to present how great this product really does its job. With dry lips you get skin which shows clearly on your lips, this skin you can remove yourself by just pulling it off but it will hurt and will cause bleeding. However, the first thing I noticed what this product does is it is rather like a formula of a face scrub with those kind of rough bits you get in them. These help to remove the skin softly and quickly as well, by just gentle rubbing the scrub into my lips it removed all dead skin leaving them looking and feeling soft and smooth. Don't worry it may sound harmful because of the rough bits but it is ever so gentle.
I applied the scrub after brushing my teeth in the morning so at roughly 8am and I didn't need to apply it all day after (it was a cold day which I usually get dry lips during) not even a cheeky top up of Vaseline. 
I was extremely impressed and will be purchasing the other flavors, so make sure you are following to see them!
Used this product, comment your opinion or any other Lush products I need to try!


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