Thursday, 8 August 2013

Liebster Award

Today I received a message from a lovely girl named Beth (click here to be taken to Beth's blog), saying that she had nominated me for the Liebster award! I was so happy to receive this nomination as my blog is new and I haven't been given any awards or tags yet, so as a new blog it was a nice little confidence boost! And that is why this is such an amazing idea. Basically the award is for blogs that are new or have under 200 followers and it is to help them get discovered and for them to discover new blogs themselves. To get nominated you basically have to get discovered and someone who really likes your blog will nominate you! So if you're a new blog or have under 200 followers comment on this so people can discover you too!
This award works like a tag and being nominated means that if you want to there are some things for you to do, in a tag format. These are: 
- Answer the 11 questions set for me.
- Tag 11 new bloggers (with under 200 followers)
- Write a new set of 11 questions for those people.
- Contact them to let them know.

Without further a due I'm going to answer my 11 questions that were set for me.

 1. If you could only wear 2 beauty products what would they be? 
For me like many other girls I'm not the most confident person with my skin, so foundation would definitely have to be one! Also a red lipstick as I think they really suit me best and also when you wear little make up and bit of bright lipstick can really make you look done up!

2. What is you’re favourite beauty product of all time?
This is such a hard question as there is so many! But it would have to be my Clinque foundation.
3. If you could only wear one brand of beauty products which one would you choose?
Mac, without a doubt. 

4. What is the best beauty tip you have ever had?
This was actually from The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea, when they had a sudocream party where the girls sat around with sudocream facemasks. Sudocream is the best thing to get rid of spots, like ever!

5. What is your favourite colour to wear on your nails?
Easy Breezy by Topshop.

6. What is your least favourite product?
BB Cream, I like a heavy coverage foundation what can I say?

7. Who’s make-up do you envy?
                                                                       Nicole Guerriero
8.  Who are your top 3 beauty bloggers?

9. Statement lips or eyes?
Lips for sure.
10. If you could invent a beauty product what would it be?
This is such a good question oo! A lipstick that could only be removed by a special lipstick removable wipe, other than that wipe the lipstick would not come off! not even when drinking or eating! We can dream right?

11. If money was no object what beauty product would you buy?
All the Chanel perfumes.

So now here are the blogs that I have fallen in love with and am nominating!
Jessica from jessicasjournalx
Zoe from ZoeGeorgina
Emilie from Someoneinthecorner
Amy from TheLittleKoala

And my questions to you are:
1. You have £100 to spend on beauty, what do you buy?
2. You're only allowed to use one foundation for the rest of your life, what brand and type of foundation do you choose?
3. Why do you choose that foundation?
4. Who are your 5 most favourite beauty and fashion bloggers?
5. Who is your favourite youtuber?
6. Drugstore or designer?
7. Your most favourite product you've ever used?
8. Favorite magazine? or beauty related reading material.
9. If you have an iphone, can you recommend any good 'beauty or fashion' apps? If you do not have an iphone can you recommend any good websites to do with beauty or fashion.
10. Your go to perfume, spray or general scent?
11. What are your favourite blog posts to read and why?


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