Thursday, 8 August 2013

My July Favourites!
I know this is quite late but, better late than never! July was such a good month, I discovered so many new products, the weather was amazing and it was so nice to just fully relax after all those exams and revision for so many months.
This month with the sudden 'heat wave' in England (which none of us or our skin is used too) made my skin play up rather badly. But thanks to Montague Jeunnesse and their amazing easy and quick face-masks this wasn't a problem for long. Having a lot more free time too meant I could do one of these face-masks once a week (sometimes even twice). The masks leave your skin feeling refreshed immediately, I also noticed running my hands down my face I couldn't really feel any of my pores, making my foundation super easy to put on the next day! I used about 5 of their masks this month and chocolate was definitely my favourite. As I use a different mask from the brand every week I was thinking of doing a monthly post of the face-masks I have used that month, meaning you would get all 4 face-masks in once review! Let me know in the comments if that would interest you!
On to my second favourite, Soap and Glory's 'Daily Smooth Body Butter'. I want to do a full review of this product so I'm not going to go into too much detail here but I will say, if you have dry patches on your body (mine being my elbows) you need this in your life! Although my favourite thing about this product is it is scented with Soap and Glory's famous 'Mist You Madly' spray!
Radox, cheap and cheerful should be their slogan! While doing a food shop with my family at the beginning of the month me and my mum chucked in a load of these Radox shower gels as they were on special for £1 each so we decided to just stock up and I am so glad we did! Not much you can really say for a shower gel other than does it do its job? Yes, it does. I walk out of the shower smelling refreshing and of flowers, or whatever scent from our millions we have collected up. I find it leaves my skin feeling extra soft as well and is the perfect shower gel to use on just shaved skin! I'm also thinking of doing a big post on these as well and all their different scents, so again leave a comment if you would be interested in that!
The new nail polishes to hit the high street, Sinful Colours Professionals. A perfect dupe for OPI I personally think and for only £1.99 from Boots! I don't believe they have individual names but I think they have a individual number each, in that case I picked up the number 920! The perfect neon pink, with a slight tan this really does make me look more tanned than I actually am and everyone seemed to notice it and compliment it. I will definitely be going back to Boots to pick up some other colours to do a big review for you guys.
Now of course something Mac is going to be in my favourites right? If you read my London post you will know that I picked up the lipstick 'Cockney', a darkish vampy red with a blue tint to it. This lipstick is in my favourites as I wore it to my prom and it really brought a pop of colour as I wore a cream dress and nude heels. It lasted the whole night even after eating and didn't need a top up till the after party! Which was like 4 hours later, which isn't too bad and could of lasted longer without a top up but I just wanted to make sure it would last. Cockney is a lustre lipstick and I found it very moisturizing on my lips as I tend to suffer with dry lips and some lipsticks can just make me suffer even more. If you love reds you need to add this one to your collection!
Now this is another product I want to do a full review on so will only be mentioning briefly but it is Nars limited edition highlighting blush powder from the Andy Warhol collection. As a lover of art and of Andy Warhol I just had to pick up something from the collection! A full review will be up soon as I believe you can still get hold of this on ebay but for double the price. 
Coming up to my final favourites now, before prom I wanted to buy the 'perfect foundation brush' to really make sure my foundation sat and looked as flawless on my skin as it possibly could. After reading many reviews and also having my eye on them for ages I picked up a real techniques brush. This brush is amazing for really getting your foundation on and getting it on smoothly, although one thing I will have to say negatively about this product is make sure you wake up 10 minutes earlier as this sure does take some time.
Lastly but not least the months Company magazine August issue! I pick up this magazine every month without fail and already have the September issue that I am going to review after I have read it. The August issue was jammed pack with good articles my favourite being 'Top of the Blogs' which I discovered many of my now favourite bloggers. I am also thinking I will add a favourite blogger and youtuber to my favourites every month from now on! As I always find those posts interesting and love discovering new blogs.
Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products, products I should try, reviews you would want me to do that I have mentioned and what you would like to see pop up on my blog!


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