Thursday, 22 August 2013

Slightly different from my normal posts of reviews and beauty, but I personally love seeing these kind of posts and finding new blogs to follow and read. I have so many blogs that I love but I couldn't talk about them all as it would be the longest post ever! So I picked out my 'Top 5' that I thought covered everything from fashion to beauty.
Emma from Milkteef, Emma has to be my favourite blogger and owns an amazing blog filled with jammed back reviews, cute outfits of the day, wishlists (Which I being nosy always find interesting). Emma always has all the new products out and always delivers her reviews quickly, frequently updating her blog everyday. I personally love Emma's blog as she has the exact same style as me, every piece of clothing she buys I just love!
Lydia from Fashion Influx, I only recently started following Lydia but her style is just so out there and amazing! She pieces together the most 'Gaga' outfits, often mixing goth and geek to create a unique outfit! Need outfit inspiration, go check her out!
Alix from I Covet Thee, Now I love good photography on a blog, who doesn't? and Alix knows possibly everything there is about beauty, providing detailed reviews and beautiful photos. 
Shirley from Meek-N-Mild, Shirley is ever so classy and sleek! I choose Shirley to be in my top 5 as she is another blogger who focuses her blog around outfits of the day and her style is the complete opposite to Lydia's from Fashion Influx. I have been visiting Shirley's blog quite a bit recently getting inspiration for my outfits for sixth form as I have to dress smart and Shirley has such a classy and elegant style, from blazers and skirts to graphic tee's.
Carrie from WishWishWish, another blogger with a great eye for photography! I love Carries blog and having a cheeky look to see what amazing things she is up too. You're nosy like me you will love Carrie and her blog!
Who are your favourite bloggers and why?


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