Sunday, 11 August 2013

What Came in the Post

Just a quick little post of some things that came in the post/mail today that I wanted to share with you! The other day I treated myself and did a mini online shop, adventuring out to Topshop and Boohoo! There was so many things on Topshop that I wanted but of course being a huge panda lover I just had to pick up that panda shirt, for just £20. I had to stop myself from buying any more stuff off Topshop so thought I'd check out Boohoo as its said to be rather cheap and I had never ordered of there before.
I picked up this cardigan for just £20 which for a cable nit cardigan is a bargain! On Topshop it would have easily been around the £40 mark. I've already styled this in my head with a black skater skirt and shirt tucked in, with this over the top for warmth when the coldness decides to randomly hit us Brits again!
Have you brought anything from these places recently?


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