Monday, 16 September 2013

Chit Chat and What to Wear to for Sixth-Form/College/School!
From left to right top row, 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5
Left to right bottom row, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

This post is very late, but better late than never! 2 weeks ago I started sixth form, if you don't know what this is, in England it is the step after 'high school' and before university where you study A Levels. I am studying Media Studies, English Language and Fine Art! I love all three and love sixth form, especially the atmosphere and being able to dress smart (basically it being acceptable for a 16 year old to buy smart clothes). This is the reason why I have not been posting daily lately or sometimes for a good few days, as I have been settling down in sixth form life. But now I am settled I have managed to plan out my days so I have some free time in the evenings to blog. A good way of doing this I found was preparing posts on a Sunday for the week! So I was thinking of doing an organizing blog post for your blog, ways I keep up to date and manage to do my blog on top of a levels.
On with the post, I picked out 10 pieces of clothing that I personally have on my wishlist (VaVaViolets Wantworthy) and are longing over. These pieces I thought you could dress down or up for sixth-form, school and college and even wear on the weekends.
1, a sweatshirt? for sixth form, school or college? are you joking? No, sweatshirts are so comfy and cozy and this sweatshirt is just to die for, paired with disco pants, black jeans. The most stylist and comfy you could possibly be while looking smart.
2, Skater dresses, oh how I love them. So flattering and just so easy to throw on first thing in the morning when you haven't planned your outfit for that day. This leopard print one isn't to everyone's taste but paired with a black blazer to withdraw the crazy pattern its easier on the eye.
3, Blouses. Ladies just collect them, you can never have too many, especially with cats on like this one!
4, Another skater style dress but this one slightly more smock. On those 'fat days' we all get, or is it just me? Where you want to just chuck something baggy on. 
5, Another blouse but this one paired with disco pants and not tucked in, covers the bum and looks extra smart for sixth form or a formal day, if you don't feel like wearing a dress.
6, The basic graphic t-shirt. Yes you can dress these up or down, dressed up with black trousers, tucked into a skirt paired with a blazer, heels or cute flats. Dressed down with shorts or jeans with your hair slung up. 
7, Bomber jackets, I don't own one yet sadly but I plan too! I just think these look so 1980's back of the street, This is England kind of edgy look. I plan to pair mine with some Dr Martins and acid wash jeans. Perfect for school or college.
8, Another baggy dress, this time in the style of a t-shirt dress. Easy to wear, with a blazer or a cardigan. With of course, a tiger on it, how perfect?
9, Slightly out there but some patterned pants/trousers. Paired with a basic black top, with some heeled Chelsea boots!
10, Disco Pants! You can wear these bad boys with anything, crop tops, blouses, graphic tops, etc. Chuck on a bomber jacket and you're good to go!
If you're interested in a organizing your blog post then comment letting me know and I'll get that done as soon as possible! What are you currently studying and where, and what is your go to outfit? 


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