Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Elle Magazine and Bumble and Bumble thickening hairspray review!

Now, I don't normally buy Elle magazine but when I saw a bumble and bumble product, well.. Clearly I purchased it anyway! I had very high expectations on this product as I have heard many good things about the brand.
To start with, how do you use this product? Spray onto wet or damp hair. Layer over prep or Tonic Lotion for the ultimate blow dry. Mist all over for a set-ready finish. If dogging occurs, run nozzle under hot water. Now that is the instructions off the bottle, do I follow them? Erm, no.
I can't stand blow drying my hair, it takes ages and frustrates me. I wash my hair before bed and let it dry naturally. So, for when I have been trying this out I have been spraying only a little as it is a small bottle into the ends of my hair and maybe a little spray in the middle, while my hair is still damp before bed. I then tease my hair a bit and scrunch it up.
In the morning I simply brush my hair and ta da! It honestly looks like I have spent my night sleeping on a beach. Sounds disgusting, but I love the beach hair look. 
Now for Elle magazine itself, I was not impressed! £4.00 for pages and pages of adverts? Next month I am certainly sticking with Company magazine!
Have you tried this or read Elle?


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