Saturday, 28 September 2013

Real Techniques Face Expert Brush Review

For years I thought a standard foundation brush was doing the trick, till I brought this bad boy! my whole make up routine has been enlighten and improved since.
I picked up this brush from Boots for £9.99 I believe or around that price about a month ago and I have used it every single day. Not even bothered to use any other foundation brushes.
The brush itself is designed for applying and then blending cream or a liquid foundation. The brush head is 25mm in length, 30mm in width, and 20mm in thickness. The brush is a total length of 6 inches/15.5 centimeters. The brush is soft, dense, firm (with some give but not fluffy or springy). The brush is designed by Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo on Youtube (go check them out amazing make up artists!). 
This brush does truly give you an airbrushed finish, leaving no patches and smooths out the foundation beautifully across the skin leaving no clumps. However, unless cleaned after every 2 uses it absorbs foundation in the bristles very quickly and it becomes much harder to spread the foundation on your skin. But that is its only down fall, but cleaning your brush after every 2 uses is a good thing anyways, so anything that encourages you to do that can't hurt!
I highly recommend this brush to anyone!


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