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Benefit's Primping with the Stars, all time greatest "fake its" kit review!

I was gifted this incredibly gorgeous gift box by Benefit from my boyfriends mum and I must admit, it is a life saver! The mini products are perfect for a numerous amount of things, travelling, testing them out for the first time and as back ups for when your bigger sized products run out. For me I am saving the porefessional and they're real mascara for when my bigger sizes run out, till I can go into town and pick them up again.
The packaging, 'you should never judge a book by its cover' but with make up, lets admit we all do it! The packaging for this Benefit box is beautiful! Very 50's - 60's with the pastel colours and Hollywood themed cover. I feel as if, if Marilyn Monroe was alive she would own this box. The theme of the box is in the style of a book, with a binder and also opening up just like a book would. It looks very stylish on your shelf or vanity!
The Products!

1. 'Stay don't Stray' 
Can we first start with this catchy name? I love it, just represents the product so well in my opinion. This product is a stay-put primer for eye-shadows and concealers. The formula is a creamy, light, slightly watery texture. If around your eyes you  have eyes that are red or have tiny veins visible on your lids this works at concealing the entire lid and brow area for a more awake, refreshed look. But the magic behind this product is while it is concealling it’s also working at preparing your lid for crease-proof shadow wear. You could also use this on other places on your face, its not an 'eye' product just a skin one so I see no harm in using a tiny bit of this for covering up other areas of skin. I used this product the other day underneath my eye-shadows and my eye-shadows lasted all day, completely crease-less! and may I add that I had PE (gym) that day, if you've ever worked out or gone to the gym wearing eye-shadows or any make up in fact, you will understand the harsh struggle of keeping ANY make up on your face. That's how magical its staying power is. Now this size product I think will roughly last me 2 months, as I only use a tiny amount and not every day. Would I purchase the full size? As soon as I get paid.
2. Porefessional.
 My holy grail. Now, I have used this product for way over a year now and I love it to pieces! Dry skin? Oily Skin? Doesn't matter go pick this up now, the difference it does is dramatic in my opinion! I don't want to do a full review on this product as I have the full size and in the next week plan to do a very detailed review on it. (I will link it here when its up) but I just wanted to touch base on it.
3. 'Some Kind-a gorgeous'
The foundation faker for medium complexions. With the tag line 'FAKE IT, DON'T CAKE IT' again oh how I do love benefits wording on products! The packaging is just to die for, in the style of a record which I think is worth buying it anyways. Now I do have some acne scaring so for me this product doesn't cover them up as well as I would like, as I do like a full coverage but if you like a light/medium kind of coverage then this may be for you. In the packaging it looks very creamy and when felt with a touch of your finger its almost silky however, when applied it does look like a powder on your skin. Which I am not 100% keen on because then I can't really powder and as I have oily skin so powdering is my best friend! I would also recommend using the techniques expert face brush with this product as you need something quite, sturdy. It comes in 3 different shades, light, medium and deep. In case you are wondering I am in medium, and it blends so lovely into the skin and seems to just adapt to your skin so I don't think there only being 3 shades is a problem. A postive about this product though is that it leaves your skin feeling like you've used a lot of primer, now If you like silky smooth feeling skin, then go pick this up as you will love it.
4. Bene tint
I tried a tester of this product ages ago and I could not for the life of me get on with it! I found it so hard to blend in to my cheeks as a blush and it felt horrible on my lips. I generally couldn't see the point I would much rather use a lipstick/lip-stain or a powder blush as I am oily. So if any of you have any tips on how to apply this as a blush leave it in the comments and I may do a full review on the bene tint when I have discovered a way in which to use it. But I will briefly review on what I can. First off, I would not recommend this to a beginner of make up, or a beginner with blush or lipsticks. Its just not easy to apply in my opinion and is quite messy as it is hard to blend, as a beginner if you are I would go for a powder or a lip-stain (Revlon's lip-stains are amazing).
5. Girl meets pearl
If you're after glowing skin, rocking a bright lip or bronze look and want that bit extra then keep reading! It's tinted with a bit of pink and a little bit of gold, so it leaves the most flawless glow. This is a treat if you wear liquid foundations as it is so easy to blend and leaves the nicest, prettiest finish. I would recommend a stripling brush to apply this product as it just buffs it in perfectly and blends it out so you aren't left with any harsh lines. Would I purchase this product full size? I believe so. Although I am loving L'Oreal new one at the moment which is a fraction of the price and works perfectly for me, but that's a whole separate review that will be up shortly!  
Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products or if you have any benefit products you would like to recommend to me. Hope this was helpful!


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