Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Birthday!

Saturday 20th of October I turned 17! Now, so far the only positives of being 17 is I am that step closer to being 18! I better get planning ay.
I had a very relaxing birthday, as tradition my family came around for lunch, food, catch up and the presents. I was very lucky this year and spoiled and would like to thank my family, family friends and friends that got me a gift as I know you read this! 
My boyfriend also made it very special so thank you Zack!
I thought I would share with you guys some of things I got, as I personally am very nosy and love these kind of posts! Also it will give you an insight into some cheeky reviews you can be expecting, please comment if you wish to see anything viewed. I got a few other make up pieces (saving them for reviews), money and a lot of clothes as I am now in sixth form and don't have a uniform.


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