Monday, 25 November 2013

Mac Lipstick in Japanse Maple - Review

Japanese Maple - £15

This for me was literally love at first sight! When I was in London the other week I came across a Mac store and of course by instinct I had to go inside. On the hunt for a nude lipstick and feeling utterly lost at the sight of about 50 shades of nude lipsticks, I asked the shop assistant for some help. She took one look at me and picked up this shade, Japanese Maple. At the time I had a smoky eye and she said it looked beautiful with a smoky eye, she was correct. Its so easy to wear, pretty much looks good with any make up look and when you're in a rush I know I can always just put this on.
However, sadly its staying power lets it down a bit, otherwise it would be the perfect lipstick! After eating/drinking it pretty much all comes off and I always find myself topping it up. Even just after an hour or so I feel like I need to top it up.
But if you don't mind topping up throughout the day it is, the perfect lipstick!


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Chit Chat, Updates and Christmas Tag Idea!
I personally love reading these type of posts, being nosey seeing what people are up too and having an insight into what that blogger is thinking of posting on their blog. Recently, well like today I have really got into the 'Christmas mood' and I have been thinking, what can I do specially on my blog for Christmas?  I am going to be doing '25 days of blogging for Christmas' I'm not sure if anyone else has done this or is doing it, but I'm going to go with that I made it up! Basically it is an advent calendar for your followers, everyday in December you do a blog post, product review, outfit of the day, favourites, anything you like! While delivering frequent posts to your followers it also allows you to build up your blog, feature more stuff and many more benefits! I'd really like to see some other people do this to as I think its quite a nice christmasy idea, so if you are thinking of doing it I tag you. So make sure you link people this post so they can do it to! and if you are going to do it let me know so I can follow you and read your posts everyday in December!

I am currently relaxing with a coffee, catching up on blog reading and finishing off some art coursework. Then after I am going to write up some more blog posts! 
Let me know in the comments if you're doing the Christmas tag and what types of posts you are going to do!


Claw Ring - (Sold out)
Unicorn necklace on Sale - £4
Moon and Star ring - £6

Clearing out my jewellery the other day I discovered I needed to improve my collection, after browsing Instagram I came across the store, Shop Dixi. Slightly expensive in my opinion but the quality seems to be quite good so far. The delivery was super quick as well, so if you need to order in time for Christmas its a perfect gift idea! I ordered the claw midi ring, moon and star ring and the unicorn necklace which was on sale at the time. All 3 look exactly like they did in the photo and the rings fit my fingers perfectly! The claw ring looks so pretty on and I always receive compliments on it when I wear it!
Do you have any online jewellery stores that you love?


Saturday, 23 November 2013

Christmas Lush Haul

Been holding this post off for a while as yes, I did purchase these 'Christmas' items in October. What can I say, it was hard to resist! But as it is nearly December I think it is finally acceptable to talk about them.
I saw so many YouTube hauls, blog posts of Lush hauls that Lush was simply calling my name and what better time to go to Lush than at Christmas! Entering that sweet, yet over powering store always makes me want to run home, have a bath and just rub my face in cosmetics. I went in for the Christmas collection but of course the all year round stuff looked beautiful too. I picked up the Mint Julips lip scrub from the all year round stuff. As a massive lover of the Bubblegum and Popcorn lip scrub, I just couldn't turn down a mint chocolate version! I also picked up two face masks Cupcake and Cosmetic Warrior which I will do full reviews on when I have used them, so keep an eye out for them!
Now from the Christmas collection I picked up some exciting bits, snow fairy, magic wand bubble bath, Christmas penguin, snowball ballistic, two melting snowman's they were too cute to just pick up one and last but not least candy mountain.
Have you picked up anything from Lush lately?


Monday, 4 November 2013

October Favourites!

This is a little late, but better late than never ay? October flew by, after waiting for it for so long. October has to be by far my favourite month, my birthday, Halloween, autumn.. what more could you want? It was a month of trying many new products as it was my birthday, presents consisted of make up and cosmetics and so did the birthday money I spent. However, these were my favourites! I plan to keep this post short and sweet as I plan to do full reviews of most of these products.
Lauren Conrad book of Beauty - This book came in a great deal handy this month, I learnt quite a great deal of beauty tips and tricks from it. From skincare to eyebrows. If like me you would rather have something in front of you to find stuff out, than simply googling it this is perfect for you! I also have her style book but I don't think it is actually that helpful what so ever, but that's a whole other post!
Benefit They're Real Mascara - The best mascara I have ever tried with out a doubt, I have been using this for a year now? Now, if I have been using it for so long why is it only now in my favourites? Well, in September the sad day came where I ran out of this mascara and was a few weeks of pay day. So i emptied out my make up storage to find a drug store one to replace it for the time being. I hated using the drugstore one after so long of Benefits They're Real (I used Rimmel London's Extra Super Lash mascara) and it did not compare in the slightest! (full review coming soon)
Benefit Porefessional - (full review coming soon) But a quick run down, literally makes your foundation stick to your face and not move throughout the day!
Real Techniques Powder Brush - After how much I fell in love with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, it was no shock to me that I loved this one too! So flexible and fluffy and apply's powder so evenly without looking caking. The one bad thing I have to say about this product is, as it is dense it does take a long time to clean! Not ideal if you forget to clean your brushes the night before!
Tweezermans - I have a post already written about these bad boys waiting to go up! But I will say, that couple more pound spent on tweezers makes a whole world of difference!
Lush Popcorn Scrub - full review 'here'
St Ives Sensitive Skin Apricot Scrub - In Autumn my skin goes through a battle, the sudden change in weather from hot summer to cold then to freezing winter, does it no good. I get dry patches, oily patches and of course this is followed by a lovely outbreak in spots and redness! This face wash helped so much during these hard times, it really fixed up my dry patches, took away oily shine and prevented me from getting more spots. A repurchase from me? Yes, I think so!
What were your favourites of October? Have you tried any of these products?

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