Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Day 10

Day 10
Christmas Blogging Countdown!
Topshop Make up Tools Review
I have a mixed opinion on Topshop's make up tools, first off would I repurchase them? No. For the pure reason of, I loved them at first but then I discovered something better. Real Techniques. For only a couple of pounds more I would recommend the Real Technique brushes to anyone! Any who, although I do love my real techniques I did once depend on these brushes, one I still do! 
The foundation brush leaves streaks if you don't blend it, so it does require time in the morning to get some what of an 'air brushed' effect. For me going to sixth form and leaving the house earlier, its never the best option. It also gets dirty extremely quickly, collecting as much of the foundation as it can.
On the other note, Topshops eye angle brush is one of my all time favourite brushes. Which I own 3 off! I mainly use it for my eyebrows, it gives them the perfect shape that I am looking for and apply's quickly, efficiently and smoothly. 
Topshop's tweezers, for £4 they are honestly amazing! I would compare them to my Tweezerman's if I am being honest. So quick and easy to work with, they're not bulky and they don't grab on to the skin like I have had trouble with before with cheap tweezers. 
Lastly, can we appreciate Topshops packaging? Just how cute are the labels on each brush? They just look so much more expensive than they are!


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