Sunday, 15 December 2013

Day 13
Christmas Blogging Countdown!
iphone tag

I've seen a similar tag before but wanted to do my own take on it!
This is basically a brief tour to what is on my phone, what apps I use and more!
(ignore the date I am slightly behind!) No this is not my dog, wish it was but I thought it was too cute to not put as my home screen. In case you're wondering I have the iphone 4s and due to me being an idiot and getting a really long contract, I still have a year left with this phone. Unless I pay it off of course.

On the first page I just have 'every day apps'. Such as texts, notes, chrome, and of course Twitter! I like to have them on this page as they are just simply easy to get too. On my bar at the bottom I have most often, handy apps. Phone, so I can easily call people, mail I constantly check my mail, safari as I can not function without internet and music, which needs to be updated with new songs!
 On the second page I have all my 'social networking apps' as I like to keep them all in one place so they are easy to access and check! I'm currently loving the new messenger set-up for Facebook, it is so handy to contact people if I don't have their number.

 The third and fourth pages are just filled with apps I don't use all that often. Such as shazam that I can never get up in time before the song ends. One of my favourite apps is a pretty simple one called 'Lovetime' which you can add dates to and it tells you how far away they are, for example Christmas. I must admit I do love the Domino's app as it just makes it so much easier to order and you get such amazing deals on there! My favourite app game ever is whale trail, its just so silly and addictive. I avoid candycrush due to I get addicted to things so easily.
My all time favourite app is Instagram, my username is _vavaviolet. I use it daily and just love the concept of seeing peoples pretty photos. I think its such an amazing thing for bloggers to use, as it really allows you to connect with other bloggers.
Just a quick mention about the app 'Depop' its got quite popular now and I plan to upload some things on it soon to sell! So give me a follow if you would be interested in that!

Whats on your iphone?


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