Sunday, 15 December 2013

Day 14

Day 14
Christmas Blogging Countdown!
Umberto Giannini Review
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I have been using Umberto Giannini's products for a very long time now and I adore them. To the point where when boots have 3 for 2 I go insane and stock up. Now, I am not a hair person what so ever! I am the type of girl that washes my hair everyday and brushes it everyday and that is all. But, when I am feeling fancy or lets say not so lazy I do like to spice up my hair with a splash of texture and a wave of volume. 
Back-comb in a bottle. Perfect for Halloween I must say, and for if you love messy hair which I do. I have no clue how it does its magic but it makes my hair feel so fix and voluminous even though I already have thick hair! It just lifts the roots so perfectly and creates the most perfect messy look. I love to use this when creating a mini bun and just spraying this all over the bun.
Rock 'N' Roll extreme hairspray, now I must say this is a mini size which I carry around in my handbag all the time and it is the perfect size and amount. It holds the hair so well and for so long, it doesn't make the hair sticky what so ever. Neither does it make your hair look rock hard like you've just stuck a thousand lollipops in it!
Princess Purrfect Hot Styler Spray. I only ever use heat on my hair when I wave or curl it (which is rare) so I haven't used this product much at all. So I can't really give you a proper out come review as my hair doesn't really get damaged by heat at all because it never comes into contact with heat! But when I have used it, it hasn't hardened or made my hair go weird. Once I've used this a bit more I will update this section of the review.
Scrunch up the Volume, Messy texture cream! First of I just love the name of this 'scrunch up the volume' sounds like a good blog name. This is my favourite product and when I have time in the morning I will spend it using this. You just need a small amount and I simply scrunch it into my roots and down my hair. It leaves me with beautiful texture and doesn't give my hair a greasy appearance what so ever! which is always a bonus.


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