Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Day 16

Day 16
Christmas Blogging Countdown!
Mac Lipstick Pervette Review
 Shade - Pervette £15 from Mac

I always feel so awful doing negative reviews, especially when it is more negative than positive. Now I am a huge lover of Mac lipsticks in general I think they are amazing and worth the price tag! Sadly I can just not get on with this little guy.
It's finish is glaze and it just seems to rub straight of my lips and not even last a minute. As soon as I eat, its gone. Even drinking out of a straw seems to remove the whole lip. My second complaint, well look closely at the photos! What has happened to it? I have used it like twice and it has bent to the side and every time I open the lid a load gets crushed into the packaging. Which is a massive waste and looks just plain messy.
However, thumbs up for how moisturising its finish is. I love how matte lipsticks look and how long they seem to last but I just can't stand how drying they are. Especially in winter!
 What do you think of glaze finishes? How do you make them work?


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