Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Day 17

Day 17
Christmas Blogging Countdown!
Rimmel London Foundation and Powder Review

Can get from Boots, Superdrug and most Supermarkets! 

My last 2 reviews have been rather negative ones, so I was excited to do a positive one. I am just going to put it straight out there, Rimmel London, well done! For drugstore make up I find Rimmel London really know how to rock it. The foundation applies flawlessly, just like my Clinque one. It doesn't leave any streaks, covers pretty well and lasts a good amount of time for its price. Its not the most ideal long wearing foundation but it is perfect for its price and for short bursts! I used my real techniques stippling brush to apply this foundation as it is a liquid one (comment if you would be interested in a real techniques stippling brush review). I have oily skin so paired with the powder it is a magical combo!
If you have never heard or seen this powder before then where have you been? If you have oily skin, go and get it! I honestly don't know how I survived without this powder, its lasts so long, has such a lovely flawless matte finish and never seems to hit pan no matter how much I attack it. There is one let down though, the packaging. Now, I am a huge sucker for cute packaging I'm sure I'm not alone. The packaging is just so cheap looking and tacky and breaks so easily! But for £3 can I really complain?
Do I love it or leave it? I love it!


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