Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Day 4

Day 4
Christmas Blogging Countdown!
Lush cupcake face-mask review
£5.95 from Lush
Its now winter and well, lets just say I especially like to pamper myself in winter. Especially my poor skin! I picked up this face-mask from Lush purely because on the lid it states, 'for oily and teenage skin'. This practically shouts Soph.
So I gave it a whirl tonight and well, I am certainly impressed! at first its texture was runny and it was awkward to apply but the smell makes up for that factor. Another factor I like is you only need to wear it for 5-10 minutes which is great, as I hate when you can't laugh or talk for long while wearing face-masks. 
After removing the mask (and it removed so fast compared to other face-masks I have used, that harden and take forever to come off) my skin felt instantly softer! the dry patches I had around my nose had vanished and any redness on my face has been reduced!
I can't wait to use this face-mask again and would recommend it to any teenager or anyone with oily skin!

Just a quick side not, I will not be doing my November favourites as I didn't really have any last month. But I am sure there will be a massive one at the end of December! I am also currently building up my mac lipstick collection so if you have any good recommendations please comment and let me know! 
Hope you have all been remembering to open your advent calendars and have a good day!


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