Friday, 6 December 2013

Day 6

Day 6
Christmas Blogging Countdown!
Disney Nail Stickers Review
Get them here! for £2.05, perfect stocking filler!

Quick note, yes I know there is not a picture of the stickers on my nails. Stupidly and sadly I painted my nails before work, then work made me remove my nail vanish and the stickers before I could photograph them when I got home! But I will put up a picture when I do them!
I found these gorgeous nail art stickers on Amazon and thought they were just so unique, I had to get them. 
And for only £2.05 I just couldn't resist that 'buy now' button. I could imagine these being the most wonderful cheap and cheerful stocking fillers for any Disney or nail art lover. They look so cute on the nails, I normally only put one on my ring finger nail otherwise it looks too much, in my personal opinion. They show up well on the nails and I had mine on for 2 days before work rudely made me remove them, they lasted and did not chip or fade. For £2.05 I was very impressed. 
I have already asked my boyfriend for a tone more for Christmas as we are doing each other stockings this year!

What have you asked for in your stocking?


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