Saturday, 14 December 2013

Day 12

L'oreal Highlighter and Concealer
Christmas Blogging Countdown!
Day 12
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My first thoughts when I used the L'Oreal concealer was, urgh why did the designer add shimmer? For me there is way too much shimmer. So sadly I only really use this product on nights out or for occasions. But I suppose it is perfect for the Christmas party season!
However, my thoughts on the concealer/highlighter were not lifted when I looked at the finish out come after blending. 
It didn't cover any of my blemishes and imperfections, no matter how much I used. And just left me with a lot of glitter.
I also used this concealer/highlighter right under my eyes and also on the cheekbones and it gave me a glowy look. It did lighten up my eyes, especially as I have very bad dark circles. It didn't cover them much at all but I did notice the area looked a little lighter!
Personally, I wouldn't recommend this product to be used as a concealer. But as a cheek bone highlighter it does its job!


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