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What I got for Christmas 2013!

Just a quick disclaimer like every blogger and youtuber on the planet writes when it comes to these type of posts or tags, this is not at all bragging, this post is just very popular and highly asked for by readers! I personally love being nosy and reading them, I also think it gives my readers a good insight into what kind of posts and reviews they can expect in the next up and coming weeks!
This year for Christmas I asked my mum to just get me little bits for Christmas, such as make up and clothes as I think it is just more interesting on Christmas morning! She got me the baby doll mascara by YvesSaintLaurent which I have wanted for ages and just a quick spoiler before my review, it is a keeper! She also got me this adorable cushion with a pug on it.
My mum also got me a yankee candle and a Christmas scented one of course! and these Disney Minnie Mouse slippers that I have been wearing non stop, how adorable are they?
Continuing with the Minnie Mouse theme (my mum knows me too well) she also got me this OPI set that I have been lusting over for months and months! and to top it off she also got me the Real Techniques core collection set. So prepare yourself face!
Now this gift from my mum I thought was so sweet and I am so excited to start using it in 2014! She got me a  weekly planner so I can plan my school work, blogging, work and social life so I can actually have all four. She also got me some cute things to go with it!
My mum is honestly so cute, she popped this present under the tree with the label addressed to me and Zack (sorry Zack for opening it without you muaha) so we had a nice film to watch on boxing day and we did! It is such a funny feel good film, Sandra Bullock you have done it again!
Also under the tree I unwrapped a few pieces of clothes from my Mum and Brother! The cat top may not be to everyone tastes but I don't care, I think it is adorable! I also got this pink jumper, which is the prettiest pink colour ever. Just goes to show how much my mum listens to me I told her the other week how I needed another black skirt for sixth form and look what appeared under the tree! She also got me a little black dress but that may just be in the wash, opps. and oh look, another Disney related item, hello Bambi!
The stocking presents! perhaps my favourite ones to open, why is it that the concept of a stocking just makes it that little more exciting? From my previous post you will recognise those Topshop nail stickers, I also got 2 Topshop nail polishes in 'unicorn' and 'gyspy night' and they are both so gorgeous. Followed by a few beauty pieces, as my mum knows I am always on the hunt for stuff to try and review on my blog! And what is a stocking without midi rings and Topshop socks ay? She also picked me up this beautiful lipstick from Topshop, ladies just look at that packaging! She also got me the soap and glory hair turban, for after I have washed my hair as she knows the wars me and towels have.
Did you really think I didn't get any chocolate in my stocking?
From my Aunty and Cousin they got me these adorable little studs inside a robin tree decoration and a furry jumper, which is sooo warm and cosy with cats on. What could be more perfect?
From my nan she got me a shirt, panda socks (which are my favourite animals), some gloves as of course it is a nan thing to make sure you are warm! and she has given me some money to get a coat, which I have my eye on one from Asos!
From my boyfriends family they got me the Benefit The Bronze Champions set, which I am so over-ally excited to try! Especially as in winter my face needs some colour back into it. His sisters got me another one of the baby doll mascara's by YSL which is amazing as now I pretty much have enough to last me the whole entire year of 2014. Which if you are naughty like me and like expensive make up you will know what a saviour that is!
From my boyfriend, whose name is Zack is you are new to my blog. Truly spoiled me this Christmas, he got me a few things from mac such as, two lipsticks in the shades 'candy yum-yum' and 'shy girl', he also got me the studio finish concealer and he got two samplers with his order so he got a mascara and the prep+prime.
He also got me this little bunny ring holder, which he got from Asos. Just how adorable are they, I can't even.
 Now these presents I thought were so thoughtful and sweet! He knows I love the brand Catseye (sold in John Lewis) so picked me up a pug folder which I am going to keep blog related stuff in and a card holder, which matches my make up bag! I put the card holder down and he told me to pick it up and look inside and look what was hiding in there! Nail stickers! and not just any old nail stickers, Disney ones. Lady and the Tramp is my favourite Disney film and we share many personal jokes about Toy Story so it was so sweet that he picked those two!
 Zack knows of my weird collection of socks, so thank you Zack for helping me add to that!
 Another personal joke is that he promised me one day he would buy me a bulk of Freddo Frogs. Now I thought he was joking, till I opened up these! 60 of them! 
and last but not least from my Manager! How sweet, she knows I do beauty blogging so got me something that I can review! Thank you so much!
I got some money from people too but that is a little weird to show, so thank you everyone that gave me money! and I know most the people, well all the people who got me gifts read my blog so thank you everyone so much! Especially to my mum who truly made this Christmas, a magical one!

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