Monday, 27 January 2014

OPI Magazine Cover Mouse Review + Giveaway coming soon

For Christmas I got this beautiful Minnie Mouse nail vanish set and I thought rather than buy one of those nail colour wheels and give a brief review I would do 4, full sized reviews. Showing the nail vanishes on, how they look, texture, and a range of photos to demonstrate. 
I went for the most interesting looking one first which happened to be 'Magazine Cover Mouse'. First off, how cute are the nail vanish names? They all link to the Minnie Mouse theme which is just too perfect.
Magazine Cover Mouse is a sparkling, dazzling red which sparkles in the light glamorously. It is the perfect 'date night' 'valentines' polish! I have had it on my nails for 3 days now and not one single chip! The good thing about OPI also is that you do not need to use a topcoat which is advised not to do also. To add to that, they dry so quickly and without the need to apply topcoat the process is very quick.
However, the one and only downside to this beautiful vanish is the texture. As it is a glitter polish the texture is very bumpy and doesn't have a nice finishing feel to it. I can also imagine it being a nightmare to remove, but we will have to wait and see!

Also while I have your attention! I am going to be doing a give-away when I hit my next mile stone, which will be a mac lipstick of your choice and some of my favourite cosmetics! So if you would like to help me and share this post, give my blog a shout out or anything at all, let me know that you have done so I can thank you and get this give-away running quickly!

What one should I try next? and what nail polishes would you recommend to expand my collection?


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Week #1

I swore to myself that during 2014 I would do one of these posts every week.. It is now the 26th so yeah, good try Soph! But better late than never right? What these posts will consist of is what I have been up to, using photos that I have posted on instagram. Now I haven't done one of these posts as I am terrible at uploading on Instagram, but I am working on that!
 I am going to do a month one of these this week as I didn't have enough photos to just do a week. I finally saw Hunger Games Catching Fire, it was amazing will definitely be adding it to my DVD collection. I also saw 12 years a slave, which was so emotional I cried consistently throughout the whole thing / This month also consisted of constantly trying out products such as YSL baby doll mascara and the Benefit The bronze champions set / and a new growth of my love for pugs.
This month I also catched up and got back in contact with an old friend, we went and got a Real China which if you haven't tried it, try it! / I also felt like a change as it was a new year (how typical) so dyed my hair back dark brown, which I am so much happier with / Lastly, can we just admire my friends cat? at first I thought it was a pug, but even cooler it's a pug cat!

What have you been up to this week?


Saturday, 25 January 2014

Room Tour and Make-up Collection!

My favourite type of blog post to read is room tours and make-up collections. I haven't done a complete room tour as I want to do my room up before I show it all on here, but I have took a few photos of pretty sections of my room to share. I have also included a bit of a make-up collection and if you would like a more detail make-up collection post, with everything I have let me know in the comments!
The place where I sit, do homework, blog and get all the bits I have to get done, done!

I keep all my current 'top' cosmetics in this clear container from Mujii, so they are easy to reach for when I am a zombie in the morning. The container is actually to hold DVD's and it holds 15, but it is perfect for holding my lotions and potions. 
How adorable is my little ring holder? that my boyfriend got me for Christmas! I keep all my favourite rings on it so I wear them more often. Which currently happen to be all midi rings.
I don't have many hair accessories so I tend to just keep them in this cute little gift bag that matches my room!
My practically daily make-up collection, if you want a more detailed tour of it leave a comment! I am also thinking of doing a 'favourite mac lipsticks' so let me know if you would like to see that!
I'm not a massive fan of painting my nails and find it quite the chore! But I have accumulated a fair few.
Saying that, my favourite draw is my nail stickers draw! I love all the unique designs and how funky they look on the nails.
Of course some more Disney!
This is one of my favourite photos properly ever and I think having memories jotted around your bedroom is a nice touch to make it all that more personal! 
My notice board. Crammed with beauty blog stuff from companies, numbers and all that fun stuff! 
Just some random bits. 
Collection of face masks, that I am slowly going through. I do bulk buy them so they last me half a year as I do one weekly, which works out a bit cheaper. 
Like every girl I am incapable of just having one make-up bag!

If you have ever done a post similar to this link me, I would love to have a noses look! And let me know in the comments what you would like to see from me. 


Sunday, 19 January 2014

I finally got an ipad!

I finally got an ipad air after lusting over one for so long! I have had it for nearly a week now and I am so in love. It is so good for on the go blogging, when I stay at my boyfriends, travelling and as using as a journal. It fits so snug in my bag and I can use it at sixth form which is so handy for taking notes!
I haven't had much chance to explore apps yet but when I do, I will do a post on my favourite apps. So let me know any good apps you have found.
I decided to get the air as it is so much lighter to carry around and because the quality is just that little bit better. It did cost an arm and leg at £400 but it is so worth the money as I use it everyday and all throughout the day.
Now when spending that kind of money I had to have a case on hand for when It was in my hands. I choose this pug one from Catseye for £17, which if you have been following me for awhile you will know how much I love this brand. I personally love pugs and think they're rather cute, the inside of the case is lined with a thick cushion so the screen doesn't get damaged or scratched while in my hand bag. 
An investment well made!


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mac Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick Review

Get it at for £15
Shade Candy Yum-Yum

I felt brave today so decided to try out this, how can I put it.. out there lipstick! Paired with a graphic tom boy t shirt this really brought the girlishness back to my outfit and look that it needed. 
First off the formula of this lipstick is a matte finish, which I love as it lasts on the lips for ages! I hate having to re-apply my lippy, don't we all? Especially while I am at work or sixth form. Today I didn't have to re-apply it once and when I got home it was still noticeable on the lips, without being patchy or making my lips really dry.
The pigment is amazing and you only need one coat across the lips, you could also dab a bit on and rub it in with your finger to make the pink not as bright. This would also give the affect of a lip-stain, which can look quite pretty and natural.
I'm still not sure if this colour suits me, I think it would with a tan but right now I'm not too sure. I plan to try it out with many more different looks.
This lipstick should be in everyone's collection and defiantly do not be off put by its shade!
It's a love it from me!

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