Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Hello 2014!

New year, new me. Yeah right..
Happy new year everyone! Hope you all either had a wild or peaceful night, filled with joy, laughter and all that good stuff! Mine was filled with laughter, I stayed in with the family, played silly board games involving Zack having to pretend to be a turtle as we all watched him crawl around the floor with cushions as a shell. Which was a rather entraining end to the year.
2013 wasn't the best of years but that is all behind me now, I plan on trying my hardest to make 2014 one to remember! This year I will be turning 18, which yes, I am already excited about. 
I have made a few new year resolutions which I am actually excited to start, I like a challenge and some of them are going to be pretty tough!
1. Of course, dieting, eating healthy, drinking lots of water and exercise is one. Isn't it for everyone?
2. Taking my make up off as soon as I am finished with a days work, not before bed when I am too tired to even say my own name. This means as soon I get home from sixth form or anywhere If I am not going out again I will remove my make up then.
3. One take-away a month. Why cut it out completely? Its nice to have a little treat now and again as long as you don't abuse it. 
4. Organise EVERYTHING. Wardrobe, draws, blog, school, social life.
5. 2 blog posts a week.
That may seem like a lot but I am so determined to do it and once I get myself into a routine it will be a lot easier!
Now I have a few things planned for 2014, buy a new computer I have my eye on the iMac and to re-decorate my room. My room has nothing wrong with it but the memories it has, I just feel like I need to change something big this year. My hair may also get dealt with, no idea what to do with it though.
So I have made a 'wishlist' of things I want and want to do in 2014.
1. Get a new computer! I am already 3 quarters of the way in savings to get this one so hopefully that should be accomplished by February. I will be able to do much prettier blog posts, work on my layout and so much more.
2. Re-decorate my room. I have my eye on some furniture and have a rough idea of what I want the theme to be as such. I was thinking, white furniture with white walls and then some personal random touches. Of things I love like art work, Disney and to do up my vanity. 
3. Now I need some inspiration to do my resolutions don't I? What better than some things I have been lusting over, such as this Marc Jacobs watch.
4. I have always been on and off on my feelings for Doc Martins but after seeing the Ben Boot I think I definitely need some in my life.
5 and 6. Now 5 and 6 are maybes, the famous Alexander Wang scarf and Givenchys new t-shirt aren't musts at all but they sure would be a new touch in the old wardrobe!

Today is the first blank page in a 365 page book. Write a good one.

Got any plans for this year? Resolutions? I would love to know!


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