Sunday, 19 January 2014

I finally got an ipad!

I finally got an ipad air after lusting over one for so long! I have had it for nearly a week now and I am so in love. It is so good for on the go blogging, when I stay at my boyfriends, travelling and as using as a journal. It fits so snug in my bag and I can use it at sixth form which is so handy for taking notes!
I haven't had much chance to explore apps yet but when I do, I will do a post on my favourite apps. So let me know any good apps you have found.
I decided to get the air as it is so much lighter to carry around and because the quality is just that little bit better. It did cost an arm and leg at £400 but it is so worth the money as I use it everyday and all throughout the day.
Now when spending that kind of money I had to have a case on hand for when It was in my hands. I choose this pug one from Catseye for £17, which if you have been following me for awhile you will know how much I love this brand. I personally love pugs and think they're rather cute, the inside of the case is lined with a thick cushion so the screen doesn't get damaged or scratched while in my hand bag. 
An investment well made!


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