Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mac Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick Review

Get it at for £15
Shade Candy Yum-Yum

I felt brave today so decided to try out this, how can I put it.. out there lipstick! Paired with a graphic tom boy t shirt this really brought the girlishness back to my outfit and look that it needed. 
First off the formula of this lipstick is a matte finish, which I love as it lasts on the lips for ages! I hate having to re-apply my lippy, don't we all? Especially while I am at work or sixth form. Today I didn't have to re-apply it once and when I got home it was still noticeable on the lips, without being patchy or making my lips really dry.
The pigment is amazing and you only need one coat across the lips, you could also dab a bit on and rub it in with your finger to make the pink not as bright. This would also give the affect of a lip-stain, which can look quite pretty and natural.
I'm still not sure if this colour suits me, I think it would with a tan but right now I'm not too sure. I plan to try it out with many more different looks.
This lipstick should be in everyone's collection and defiantly do not be off put by its shade!
It's a love it from me!


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