Monday, 27 January 2014

OPI Magazine Cover Mouse Review + Giveaway coming soon

For Christmas I got this beautiful Minnie Mouse nail vanish set and I thought rather than buy one of those nail colour wheels and give a brief review I would do 4, full sized reviews. Showing the nail vanishes on, how they look, texture, and a range of photos to demonstrate. 
I went for the most interesting looking one first which happened to be 'Magazine Cover Mouse'. First off, how cute are the nail vanish names? They all link to the Minnie Mouse theme which is just too perfect.
Magazine Cover Mouse is a sparkling, dazzling red which sparkles in the light glamorously. It is the perfect 'date night' 'valentines' polish! I have had it on my nails for 3 days now and not one single chip! The good thing about OPI also is that you do not need to use a topcoat which is advised not to do also. To add to that, they dry so quickly and without the need to apply topcoat the process is very quick.
However, the one and only downside to this beautiful vanish is the texture. As it is a glitter polish the texture is very bumpy and doesn't have a nice finishing feel to it. I can also imagine it being a nightmare to remove, but we will have to wait and see!

Also while I have your attention! I am going to be doing a give-away when I hit my next mile stone, which will be a mac lipstick of your choice and some of my favourite cosmetics! So if you would like to help me and share this post, give my blog a shout out or anything at all, let me know that you have done so I can thank you and get this give-away running quickly!

What one should I try next? and what nail polishes would you recommend to expand my collection?


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