Saturday, 25 January 2014

Room Tour and Make-up Collection!

My favourite type of blog post to read is room tours and make-up collections. I haven't done a complete room tour as I want to do my room up before I show it all on here, but I have took a few photos of pretty sections of my room to share. I have also included a bit of a make-up collection and if you would like a more detail make-up collection post, with everything I have let me know in the comments!
The place where I sit, do homework, blog and get all the bits I have to get done, done!

I keep all my current 'top' cosmetics in this clear container from Mujii, so they are easy to reach for when I am a zombie in the morning. The container is actually to hold DVD's and it holds 15, but it is perfect for holding my lotions and potions. 
How adorable is my little ring holder? that my boyfriend got me for Christmas! I keep all my favourite rings on it so I wear them more often. Which currently happen to be all midi rings.
I don't have many hair accessories so I tend to just keep them in this cute little gift bag that matches my room!
My practically daily make-up collection, if you want a more detailed tour of it leave a comment! I am also thinking of doing a 'favourite mac lipsticks' so let me know if you would like to see that!
I'm not a massive fan of painting my nails and find it quite the chore! But I have accumulated a fair few.
Saying that, my favourite draw is my nail stickers draw! I love all the unique designs and how funky they look on the nails.
Of course some more Disney!
This is one of my favourite photos properly ever and I think having memories jotted around your bedroom is a nice touch to make it all that more personal! 
My notice board. Crammed with beauty blog stuff from companies, numbers and all that fun stuff! 
Just some random bits. 
Collection of face masks, that I am slowly going through. I do bulk buy them so they last me half a year as I do one weekly, which works out a bit cheaper. 
Like every girl I am incapable of just having one make-up bag!

If you have ever done a post similar to this link me, I would love to have a noses look! And let me know in the comments what you would like to see from me. 


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