Sunday, 26 January 2014

Week #1

I swore to myself that during 2014 I would do one of these posts every week.. It is now the 26th so yeah, good try Soph! But better late than never right? What these posts will consist of is what I have been up to, using photos that I have posted on instagram. Now I haven't done one of these posts as I am terrible at uploading on Instagram, but I am working on that!
 I am going to do a month one of these this week as I didn't have enough photos to just do a week. I finally saw Hunger Games Catching Fire, it was amazing will definitely be adding it to my DVD collection. I also saw 12 years a slave, which was so emotional I cried consistently throughout the whole thing / This month also consisted of constantly trying out products such as YSL baby doll mascara and the Benefit The bronze champions set / and a new growth of my love for pugs.
This month I also catched up and got back in contact with an old friend, we went and got a Real China which if you haven't tried it, try it! / I also felt like a change as it was a new year (how typical) so dyed my hair back dark brown, which I am so much happier with / Lastly, can we just admire my friends cat? at first I thought it was a pug, but even cooler it's a pug cat!

What have you been up to this week?


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