Thursday, 27 February 2014

Ipad Decal Sticker Review

First of, look at his adorable little face! Every time I see this I instantly get reminded of my childhood and watching Ice Age over and over again. This review is kind of a love/hate situation. I love the sticker itself, it was so easy to apply and as you can see looks amazing.
However, the person who sold me this on the other hand.. so much so I am not even going to link to his page. I will say however if you would like this decal I got it of Etsy but I would recommend shopping around. The shipping was awful I paid £6 and it took 3 months.. After a month and a half I messaged the seller and he hadn't even dispatched it yet. After that message he didn't dispatch it till a month after.
I hate writing bad reviews about online stores/small business but for £6 I think that is ridiculous. Vent over.
Moving on to the sticker itself I am praying that it will last a long time. They're so many designs out there which are worth a looking!

What was the last service you received that you wasn't pleased with?

Monday, 24 February 2014

Benefit the Bronze Champions Box Set Review

If you have followed my blog for a while you will have seen my post about Benefits pimping with the stars kit. I gave it a glowing review and was very impressed with all the products and the idea of the kit. I was lucky enough to be gifted the Benefit The Bronze Champions kit for Christmas and instantly just wanted to put all the products on my face!
1. Eyeshadow duo tip, smooth bikini-tini crease less cream shadow from lash to crease. Blend thanks a latte! Long wear powder shadow on the outer corners and into the crease to complete your hot, sultry gaze. The first product in the kit is a eyeshadow duo. I wasn't too keen on the bikini-tini crease less cream shadow, I found it hard to blend and messy. However the shadow it comes with is a dark golden brown which looks amazing with my brown eyes! It really can create a hot, sultry gaze as described. It's staying power is pretty good, it stayed in place for a good couple of hairs before it faded away.
 2. Hoola box o' powder tip, dust this matte bronzing powder all over the face for a goddess tan. Or simply suck in those cheeks and apply to under the cheek bones for a slimming affect! Now being honest it did take away for me and this bronzes to get along. At first I found it muddy on the skin and I found it kind of stained my skin and was the biggest struggle to blend it in. Another problem that I had to deal with was just how dark this bronzes actually is, the first time I applied it I had to completely restart my make-up. A lesson learnt! I simply need the tiniest dab to get a good strong contour from this bronzer, so a bonus it will probably last me a life time. Now as lessons we're learnt I now get along smoothly with this bronzer. I use the real techniques contour brush to apply it, as it is a tiny brush it doesn't pick up too much product. Being apply to blend it now it doesn't appear muddy on the skin, when time is spent to blend it in. Not the best option if you are in a rush in the morning. If you are looking for the perfect contour, we'll, here you go!
3. Watt's up! Blend this soft focus highlighter on your cheek and brow bones for a delicate champagne gleam. Personally I much prefer my Lumi highlighter by L'oreal Paris, but this does give a lovely gleam. Not the easiest and quickest to apply and blend but it does it's job. For me personally it is a bit to glittery for my taste.
4. They're Real Mascara tip, wiggle the wand up and down the lash to achieve volume, length and lift. I love this mascara, I have used this mascara on and off (while trying out other ones) for 2 years now. It lasts all day, lifts, achieves volume and creates length. 
5. Hoola Lip Gloss, for fuller looking lips apply in the centre and blend out. This I must say looks so pretty paired with Shy Girl by Mac and any nude lipstick really. Not too sticky, easily blend able and all round a nice lip gloss. 

Do you have any recommendations of Benefit products I should try out? 


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Revlon Black Cherry Lipstick Review

Punk rock is one of beauty's current biggest trends, with Mac even bringing out a 'punk rock' collection. I love a dark lip, eye liner and a bronzed face. So of course I had to jump on this trend. I have had this gorgeous lipstick in my collection for nearly a year now, I just couldn't pluck up the courage to wear it. Finally I gathered the courage and applied it before I left the house to go to sixth form.
It lasted well on the lips with a slight top up after wearing it for 4 hours straight, the colour pigment is amazing and is true to how it looks in packaging. 
I paired this look with simple smokey eye, eyeliner and a contoured face. 

What lipsticks do you need courage to wear? 


Friday, 21 February 2014

Topshop Haul

Topshop is by far one of my favourite places to spend my money. The clothes are of such high quality for high street, the shoes are beautiful and the make-up is also of amazing quality. I find it hard to spend money on shoes, I don't really know why they just don't interest me as much as other things do. I'd much rather spend the money on a new lipstick or a top. But sadly my Topshop Chelsea boots which cost me £70 have died. Not literally, but the leather is not of the same state it was in and because of the weird way I seem to walk the heels of the actual boot have appeared to vanished. Am I a weird walker or does this happen to everyone?
So any way, I needed a new pair of black boots for sixth form. After my last pair of Topshop black boots lasting me over a year while wearing them basically everyday I knew I wanted a pair from them. I choose the astrix platform lace up boots, which were £42 which I didn't think was to bad, seeing as I trust they will last a very long time. I have not yet worn them, but am hoping they are comfy. Pray for me!
I can never go into Topshop and just come out with one thing. So I picked up this tee by Tee and Cake which I now own like 5 t shirts and a jumper from. Recently my style consists of graphic tee, skinnies or tight bottoms and big chunky black boots. All the make-up sets from Christmas had 30% off them so I picked up a set that contained a lipstick in the shade 'beguilded' and a blush in the shade 'head over heels', cutest blush name ever. I have to admit I have addiction for Topshop socks, I seem to collect them. So no way could I pass up these cats ones!
Why oh why do they put things by the counter? I am that person that will look at something while queuing and just pick it up. I won't need it or want it, but I will pick it up. This time wasn't too bad, If you have followed my blog for a while you will know I used these nail wraps for Christmas and I loved them! So when I saw them on sale for 50p down from £6 I just had to pick them up. I also picked up the Halloween ones for 50p as I just couldn't resist. Lastly I picked up a nail vanish which I thought was really different for only £1!

I know its not a beauty post but I guess it is lifestyle right? Let me know if you like haul posts as I am going shopping next week! 


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Valentines Weekend! - Vlog #2

Chocolate, yes this is what my valentines night consisted of. Understandably my boyfriend had work on Friday so we agreed to celebrate Valentines on Saturday night. Which allowed me to spend Friday with friends eating chocolate, doing face masks and watching awful rom-coms. 
Saturday night me and Zack went out and celebrated Valentines. We went to a lovely little restaurant in the town close to where we live, called The Pavillion. It was the first time I have ever tried Indian food and I loved it! I had egg fried rice and chicken curry. 
Currently it is half term so I have been able to write up loads of blog posts as drafts and have even filmed and edited my first youtube video! Bit nervous to post it but I will do once I have set up my youtube page. 


Saturday, 15 February 2014

This post was scheduled to go up at 9 this morning but sadly it appeared to have not worked. I hope you all had a lovely valentines and that this post of redness can still be helpful in some way, enjoy!
Mac Cockney, This is what I will be wearing for Valentines as it has a special place in my make-up collection. I wore this lipstick to prom which I went to with my boyfriend, so of course it is very special to me. Although it is not that long wearing and I do have to top up through out the evening the colour makes up for it. It is so pigmented and pretty on. With a blue tint which helps to create the illusion that your teeth are slightly whiter. And of course, it's name. "Cockney" I couldn't love this lipstick anymore than I already do! 
Topshops Hazard, is the 'vampy' red in this collection of reds I have gathered. I just can't get enough of this lipstick, it has such a vampy but sexy look to it. Once again it has blue tints. Compared to Macs Cockney it has a much better staying power as it is a matte finish and is a lot darker, perfect if you are going for a sexy, mature look. Max factor, this lipstick I choose for perhaps my younger readers who are just trying out lipsticks. As a crayon form it is so easy to apply and work with. It is also small so perfect if you are carrying a small clutch bag on Friday. It is exactly like Mac Cockney just cheaper and easier to apply. I would highly recommend. 
YSL, the packaging. Can we just? I think this would make a perfect gift on Valentines, the packaging just looks so classy and romantic. On to the actual lipstick, beautiful shade, lasts long, moisturising and will look so classy on your beauty desk ladies!
Rimmel London's Kate Moss, I choose to share this lipstick as it is so long lasting. Being a matte shade and all. However, I personally find it slightly drying on my lips so I would recommend using a lip balm underneath. But if you are going out to eat on Valentines or a long night of clubbing with the girls I would recommend this for it's staying power! 
Revlon Colourburst Lacquer Balm, now I have shared a lot of dark pigmented shades so it's only fair if I share a sheer, simple lip look as well. I recommend Revlons new lacquer balms if you are after something simple and pretty. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentines Pretty in Pink

Valentines is right around the corner, so of course this means getting all dolled up. Whether you are going out on a date or for a night out with the girls! Personally I am celebrating Valentines on Saturday in stead with my boyfriend, as he has work and seeing the girls on the Friday night.
What I love about valentines is all the pretty reds and pinks that are dotted around. I love a pink lip, it just looks so feminine, pretty and sexy when it comes down to the hot pink shades. So I picked out my best pinks shades to share with you for inspiration for your valentines look!
Get it here!
Mac Candy Yum-Yum, if you're feeling brave this is the shade for you. It's so pigmented, lasts well and I find it gives the illusion that my lips are fuller than they are! This lip would like amazing with a thick winged eyeliner to create that pop art comic look. See full review here.
Top shop Tease, is very similar to Mac Candy Yum-Yum with just a slightly lighter shade. So if you want a bright lip but not to in your face, give this a whirl! Topshop's lipsticks are majorly underrated and last so well on the lips, perfect for when you're eating at a restaurant.
Topshop Pillow Talk, another pigmented and long lasting lipstick by Topshop. I think I may even prefer Topshop lipsticks to Mac, they just last so much longer in me and are £7 cheaper! This shade is a pastel pink, much lighter than the last two lipsticks and very pretty and girly on. Perfect for a date to the cinema!
Mac Pervette, similar to the last Topshop lipstick, baby pink but with a tint of glitter. Cute and glamorous yet simple at the same time. However this lipstick does come of easily but it's not that noticeable when it does. I like to wear this when I go out to eat as when it does come of I know I don't have to worry about smudges or patches on my lips. Not what you want in front of a date!
Revlon Lip Lacquer in, this is from the new a revlon lip range which features matte balms also.  If you are new to lipstick I would highly recommend these as they are so easy to apply. Moisturising and pretty. This shade is the perfect 'your lips but better' kind of shade. If you don't want anything to much this is perfect!
Revlon Just Bitter, going for a meal? Going to be out all night? Then this is defiantly for you! I've never come across a lip product that lasts so well. As a stain is actually stains your lips, in a pleasant manor.
Clinique Gloss, want to up your lipstick game with a gloss? Perhaps you just want a simple lip for the night. I love Clinique glosses, not too sticky but they have such a lovely finish. A little expensive so perhaps your loved one needs a gift idea!
Jemma Kid, lastly this Jemma kid lip gloss has to my favourite. It is the perfect lip gloss to wear onto of any pink lipstick. It gives the most beautiful shine without being sticky at all! Perfect for if you are one of the lucky ones on a date!

I would love to know what you're up to on Valentines, let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Day in the life - Vlog #1

As much as I love reading beauty reviews, latest trends, stalking Mac's website I do love reading peoples vlogs. I some what find it more interesting, being able to view photos and sip on my morning coffee while scrolling through gazing. So now and again when I actually do something semi interesting with my time that day I will take photos and do a vlog style post. These photos probably will be taken on my iphone as I wouldn't feel comfortable dragging around a canon 600D with me.  
Today I ventured into St Albans with my friend which is such a lovely little old fashioned town, filled with the best shops such as Benefit, Boots of course, Lush, Topshop, H&M and many more! 
For dinner we went to Nando's. I have't been in so long so it felt like having it for the first time all over again, sad thing about Nandos though is it is not filling really. But all the same it is delicious!
A bit of shopping was of course done, I found this dye kit in Boots, should I or shouldn't I?
After a long over due bus ride home I am now writing this post and putting together my Valentines posts! What did you get up today?

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