Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Day in the life - Vlog #1

As much as I love reading beauty reviews, latest trends, stalking Mac's website I do love reading peoples vlogs. I some what find it more interesting, being able to view photos and sip on my morning coffee while scrolling through gazing. So now and again when I actually do something semi interesting with my time that day I will take photos and do a vlog style post. These photos probably will be taken on my iphone as I wouldn't feel comfortable dragging around a canon 600D with me.  
Today I ventured into St Albans with my friend which is such a lovely little old fashioned town, filled with the best shops such as Benefit, Boots of course, Lush, Topshop, H&M and many more! 
For dinner we went to Nando's. I have't been in so long so it felt like having it for the first time all over again, sad thing about Nandos though is it is not filling really. But all the same it is delicious!
A bit of shopping was of course done, I found this dye kit in Boots, should I or shouldn't I?
After a long over due bus ride home I am now writing this post and putting together my Valentines posts! What did you get up today?


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