Saturday, 8 February 2014

Disney Nail Stickers

Get them here!

This year I have been on the nail game, as soon as I get a chip I switch up my nails and redo them. Now last year I was awful and would have chipped nails for up to 2 weeks, gross I know.
I have been able to try out so many more colours, textures and design bits such as these gorgeous nail stickers. Knowing that this year I wanted to be more on point with my nails I picked up a bunch of nail stickers and new polishes to inspire me!
Of course as a lover of Disney I wanted to try out some Disney ones. I came across these ones and they were quite cheap.
Firstly I was impressed with the actual picture of the stickers. I was worried they would be blurry as the images are rather small, but to my surprise the images were of a high quality! They come with helpful instructions that are easy to understand (picture above).
As the instructions are clear I managed to place them on my nails perfectly straight away, without wasting any. After applying a topcoat it instantly locks them in place and they don't move about!
Now I am currently writing this post 5 days after applying them, I have added no more coats of topcoat. The stickers have stayed on, no chips and they are not hanging of in any corners. Of course I wash my hands loads every day and they still look the same as they did 5 days ago.
I'm highly impressed with these nail stickers and will be buying a tone more from this seller!


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