Sunday, 9 February 2014

L'oreal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster Review

I love eyeliner so of course like every girl I am on that endless hunt to find my fairy tale eyeliner. Eyeliner is like art, it's a drawing you strive to master. Except there is no rubber to help benefit the outcome. Unless you have make-up remover near by, but who actually does that? I just add more and more till they are symmetrically perfect.
This product kind of scared me, the pen tip itself is massive so I wondered as someone who prefers a smaller, less thick line if I would be able to achieve this. The answer is I can, just with a little time and patience! With a light hand a thin line is possible. But this eyeliner is perfect if you like the look of heavy eyeliner, like in the advert behind the product in my photos.
However, it has excellent staying power and the darkest black pigment. Which is perfection. 

What is your favourite drugstore eyeliner?

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