Thursday, 27 February 2014

Ipad Decal Sticker Review

First of, look at his adorable little face! Every time I see this I instantly get reminded of my childhood and watching Ice Age over and over again. This review is kind of a love/hate situation. I love the sticker itself, it was so easy to apply and as you can see looks amazing.
However, the person who sold me this on the other hand.. so much so I am not even going to link to his page. I will say however if you would like this decal I got it of Etsy but I would recommend shopping around. The shipping was awful I paid £6 and it took 3 months.. After a month and a half I messaged the seller and he hadn't even dispatched it yet. After that message he didn't dispatch it till a month after.
I hate writing bad reviews about online stores/small business but for £6 I think that is ridiculous. Vent over.
Moving on to the sticker itself I am praying that it will last a long time. They're so many designs out there which are worth a looking!

What was the last service you received that you wasn't pleased with?

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