Thursday, 6 February 2014

January Favourites

It feels so strange to be writing about my first favourites.. Of the year! Where did January even go? However I must face that this month is over and now it is time to upload the valentines themed posts, wax my legs and put on my best dress! 
January is always a month filled with testing out new products, from Christmas, the sales and of course those wonderful people that give you Boots and John Lewis vouchers for Christmas! 
The first product I must talk about is Estée Lauders Double Wear Foundation (click here for a full review) this foundation has changed my face, literally. My skin feels smoother, it covers any imperfections perfectly and best of all it lasts from when I wake up right until I jump into bed at night. I wore this everyday this month and I plan to in February too! 
Next up is a Mac lipstick very dear to my heart! Japanese Maple, I just can't get enough of this lipstick. When I don't want a bright lip or colour I instantly grab this, paired perfectly with a smokey eye. If you need a nude lippy in your life I recommend this one! (Click here for the full review) 
January is the hell month as I like to call it. No money, excess weight from Christmas and of course ruined skin from all those quality streets I munched on. Soap and Glory saved me this month, I picked up their face scrub the other week as I was bored of the one I was using and I guess I wanted a change for a new year. I'm so glad I did. It dealt with my oily and dry patches leaving my skin looking glowing and feeling smooth. I plan to do a full review very soon. 
While we're talking about Soap and Glory I had another favourite product by them this month. Make-up wipes, oh the struggle! I always find they leave my skin feeling dry and lifeless. I also find they often remove about 40% of my make-up. Now obviously I don't use make-up wipes to remove my make-up every day but when someone is staying round or I'm staying at someone else's I like to be to remove make-up quickly. These wipes made my life just that bit easier, they are so moisturising and leave my skin make-up less and feeling fresh as a daisy! I will 100% be re-purchasing these!  
One of my many beauty related promises to myself this year was that I would make more effort with painting my nails. Especially as I now work part time at H.Samuels and I always have to have perfectly manicured nails (for modelling engagement rings). I have been switching up my nails so much this month all because of this beautiful Minnie Mouse set by OPI. Everything about this set is so flawless, the textures, no need for topcoat, the colours and of course the theme! (See photos of them in use here).  
The non beauty favourites, I may even do a full post of non beauty favourites but I'm not sure if people would actually be interested in reading that post. Leave a comment if you would be and I will get it posted ASAP. I got a tone of midi rings for Christmas and I have been loving how they look on, especially with my freshly painted nails. It really is the cherry on top of the cake!  
Lastly, my new pet that I am currently writing this post with. While curled up on the sofa chairs in my sixth form common room. My iPad. I take it every where with me, it has been so handy especially with blogging. Blogging on the go, of course that is a favourite!

Tell me what you have been loving recently, if you have a blog post or YouTube video featuring your favourites for January then leave the link in the comments and I will be sure to give them all a read/watch! 

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