Sunday, 2 February 2014

Mac Studio Finish Concealer Review

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This love/hate relationship started all the way back last year when I was prom shopping before summer. As I wondered through the doors of Selfridges, my eyes darting from counter to counter lost in a dream world, I strolled over to the Mac counter. Grabbing hold of everything I possibly could and swatching it I came across this concealer. 
The reason I didn't purchase it then was because I was of put because I wasn't sure how to apply it. Sounds silly now, but back then make-up was a learning curve. I got the real techniques core collection brush set for Christmas, which contains a concealer brush, which is what I now use to apply this concealer. 
So after that fairy tale, was it a happy ever after.
Even with the concealer brush I found this so annoying to apply, it just didn't glide on as smoothly as I thought it would. I also found that it kind of separated on my skin and made spots look so crusty while attempting to cover them up (disgusting I know but I must warn you). I also thought it would be a high coverage, but sadly I was left disappointing. In fact I think it made my under eyes look worse, how is that even possible! Well it filled into the cracks and pores and just looked cakey and fake.
After lusting after it for so long I am so disappointed and am now fearful to try other skin products by Mac. Let me know in the comments if there are any other skin products by Mac that I should give a whirl!


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