Monday, 3 February 2014

Shaun the Sheep Limited Edition Tangle Teezer

Gone are the days of being a child and loving having my long locks brushed by my mother before bed. Now a days as a teenager it just seems like a task, a challenging chore that must be completed twice, perhaps three times a day. I hate brushing my hair, of course I still do it twice a day but I hate it with a passion. I have quite long hair which is very thick, so yes as you can imagine it tangles very quickly. 
I saw Tangle Teezers ages ago in my local Boots and even after hearing raving reviews about them I still pushed the thought of purchasing one out of my mind. £12 for a hairbrush, I don't think so! But oh how I wish I had locked that thought to my brain with a padlock.
This little brush may be my best beauty purchase that I have made in a very long time.
After seeing llymlrs blog post about a limited edition Shaun the Sheep Tangle Teezer I just had to buy one. I purchased mine of amazon for just under £13 (link below pictures). 
Even after being out in the wind and rain this brush has an easy battle with my knotted locks. It glides through so quickly and smoothly, not tugging on my scalp what so ever or causing pain or for my face to grimace. I even took this brush swimming with me and after it coped perfectly. 
This now has a home in my bag as I can't be without it!

Have you tried the tangle teezer or would like to?

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