Saturday, 15 February 2014

This post was scheduled to go up at 9 this morning but sadly it appeared to have not worked. I hope you all had a lovely valentines and that this post of redness can still be helpful in some way, enjoy!
Mac Cockney, This is what I will be wearing for Valentines as it has a special place in my make-up collection. I wore this lipstick to prom which I went to with my boyfriend, so of course it is very special to me. Although it is not that long wearing and I do have to top up through out the evening the colour makes up for it. It is so pigmented and pretty on. With a blue tint which helps to create the illusion that your teeth are slightly whiter. And of course, it's name. "Cockney" I couldn't love this lipstick anymore than I already do! 
Topshops Hazard, is the 'vampy' red in this collection of reds I have gathered. I just can't get enough of this lipstick, it has such a vampy but sexy look to it. Once again it has blue tints. Compared to Macs Cockney it has a much better staying power as it is a matte finish and is a lot darker, perfect if you are going for a sexy, mature look. Max factor, this lipstick I choose for perhaps my younger readers who are just trying out lipsticks. As a crayon form it is so easy to apply and work with. It is also small so perfect if you are carrying a small clutch bag on Friday. It is exactly like Mac Cockney just cheaper and easier to apply. I would highly recommend. 
YSL, the packaging. Can we just? I think this would make a perfect gift on Valentines, the packaging just looks so classy and romantic. On to the actual lipstick, beautiful shade, lasts long, moisturising and will look so classy on your beauty desk ladies!
Rimmel London's Kate Moss, I choose to share this lipstick as it is so long lasting. Being a matte shade and all. However, I personally find it slightly drying on my lips so I would recommend using a lip balm underneath. But if you are going out to eat on Valentines or a long night of clubbing with the girls I would recommend this for it's staying power! 
Revlon Colourburst Lacquer Balm, now I have shared a lot of dark pigmented shades so it's only fair if I share a sheer, simple lip look as well. I recommend Revlons new lacquer balms if you are after something simple and pretty. 

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