Friday, 21 February 2014

Topshop Haul

Topshop is by far one of my favourite places to spend my money. The clothes are of such high quality for high street, the shoes are beautiful and the make-up is also of amazing quality. I find it hard to spend money on shoes, I don't really know why they just don't interest me as much as other things do. I'd much rather spend the money on a new lipstick or a top. But sadly my Topshop Chelsea boots which cost me £70 have died. Not literally, but the leather is not of the same state it was in and because of the weird way I seem to walk the heels of the actual boot have appeared to vanished. Am I a weird walker or does this happen to everyone?
So any way, I needed a new pair of black boots for sixth form. After my last pair of Topshop black boots lasting me over a year while wearing them basically everyday I knew I wanted a pair from them. I choose the astrix platform lace up boots, which were £42 which I didn't think was to bad, seeing as I trust they will last a very long time. I have not yet worn them, but am hoping they are comfy. Pray for me!
I can never go into Topshop and just come out with one thing. So I picked up this tee by Tee and Cake which I now own like 5 t shirts and a jumper from. Recently my style consists of graphic tee, skinnies or tight bottoms and big chunky black boots. All the make-up sets from Christmas had 30% off them so I picked up a set that contained a lipstick in the shade 'beguilded' and a blush in the shade 'head over heels', cutest blush name ever. I have to admit I have addiction for Topshop socks, I seem to collect them. So no way could I pass up these cats ones!
Why oh why do they put things by the counter? I am that person that will look at something while queuing and just pick it up. I won't need it or want it, but I will pick it up. This time wasn't too bad, If you have followed my blog for a while you will know I used these nail wraps for Christmas and I loved them! So when I saw them on sale for 50p down from £6 I just had to pick them up. I also picked up the Halloween ones for 50p as I just couldn't resist. Lastly I picked up a nail vanish which I thought was really different for only £1!

I know its not a beauty post but I guess it is lifestyle right? Let me know if you like haul posts as I am going shopping next week! 


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