Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentines Pretty in Pink

Valentines is right around the corner, so of course this means getting all dolled up. Whether you are going out on a date or for a night out with the girls! Personally I am celebrating Valentines on Saturday in stead with my boyfriend, as he has work and seeing the girls on the Friday night.
What I love about valentines is all the pretty reds and pinks that are dotted around. I love a pink lip, it just looks so feminine, pretty and sexy when it comes down to the hot pink shades. So I picked out my best pinks shades to share with you for inspiration for your valentines look!
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Mac Candy Yum-Yum, if you're feeling brave this is the shade for you. It's so pigmented, lasts well and I find it gives the illusion that my lips are fuller than they are! This lip would like amazing with a thick winged eyeliner to create that pop art comic look. See full review here.
Top shop Tease, is very similar to Mac Candy Yum-Yum with just a slightly lighter shade. So if you want a bright lip but not to in your face, give this a whirl! Topshop's lipsticks are majorly underrated and last so well on the lips, perfect for when you're eating at a restaurant.
Topshop Pillow Talk, another pigmented and long lasting lipstick by Topshop. I think I may even prefer Topshop lipsticks to Mac, they just last so much longer in me and are £7 cheaper! This shade is a pastel pink, much lighter than the last two lipsticks and very pretty and girly on. Perfect for a date to the cinema!
Mac Pervette, similar to the last Topshop lipstick, baby pink but with a tint of glitter. Cute and glamorous yet simple at the same time. However this lipstick does come of easily but it's not that noticeable when it does. I like to wear this when I go out to eat as when it does come of I know I don't have to worry about smudges or patches on my lips. Not what you want in front of a date!
Revlon Lip Lacquer in, this is from the new a revlon lip range which features matte balms also.  If you are new to lipstick I would highly recommend these as they are so easy to apply. Moisturising and pretty. This shade is the perfect 'your lips but better' kind of shade. If you don't want anything to much this is perfect!
Revlon Just Bitter, going for a meal? Going to be out all night? Then this is defiantly for you! I've never come across a lip product that lasts so well. As a stain is actually stains your lips, in a pleasant manor.
Clinique Gloss, want to up your lipstick game with a gloss? Perhaps you just want a simple lip for the night. I love Clinique glosses, not too sticky but they have such a lovely finish. A little expensive so perhaps your loved one needs a gift idea!
Jemma Kid, lastly this Jemma kid lip gloss has to my favourite. It is the perfect lip gloss to wear onto of any pink lipstick. It gives the most beautiful shine without being sticky at all! Perfect for if you are one of the lucky ones on a date!

I would love to know what you're up to on Valentines, let me know in the comments!

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