Monday, 31 March 2014

Chit Chat and Update

I can finally let my hair down, like literally its been in a pony tail all day as I have had mock exams. The past two weeks have been filled with coursework and the dreaded deadlines. My as level Media Studies and English Language coursework was both due in and now they are in, I can focus on revising and my blog! But lets forget the boring stuff and move on to the real exciting updates...
I'M GETTING A PUPPY! A Jack Russel cross Parsons Terrier, she is so adorable and we have named her Honey already. We was going to call her sausage but well, lets just say it caused a lot of people to burst out laughing. We are picking her up on Saturday so expect a post all dedicated to the little one.
Also I will be featuring on Sophie Jane's blog over at so follow her to check out that this month! 
Currently I am just relaxing, having a lush bath, doing a face mask and an eye mask. Which has been a long time coming. It almost shocked me when my face-mask started to harden it's been that long.
This month I have all my posts planned out already, in fact I have already started coming up with Halloween and Christmas posts, organised much? My Smashbox Full Exposure Palette review is going up live tomorrow, which features a tone of beautiful swatches I must say so myself.

Hope you're having a lovely day, don't forget to comment any updates you have as I'd love to hear them and leave your blog links below as I need some new blogs to read!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Topshop Lipstick - Depth

Now I am a massive lover of Topshop lipsticks, so when I saw this nearly black purply shade I just had to nab it up! When I wear this it reminds me of the Disney villains The Evil Witch and the Evil Queen, which I love as it brings back so many memories from my child hood. 
It is so different from any other lipstick I own, so I needed it in my collection. 'Depth' is a matte finish, I found it lasted so well even after eating and drinking. I needed to re apply once during the day as only the corners of my mouth had worn away. 
I love this look paired with smokey eyes and a thin line of eyeliner, it also looks amazing with a highlighted face.
For £8 you can not go wrong! Check out my other Topshop lipsticks reviews here! 


Friday, 21 March 2014

Topshop Lip Liner Review

I'm going to start this review by saying, I hate doing bad reviews more than I hate cold dinners. I feel horrible moaning about a product a company has worked on. I feel like it makes me look negative, but I'm not. If I really like a product I will praise it, but I feel like I share with my readers products I think they should spend their money on, so why not make them aware of products that may not be worth their money? 
As you have I'm sure clocked on, I wasn't too keen on this product. Now I have tried a few make-up products from Topshop, especially the lipsticks and I have loved them all! So I did have high hopes for this lip liner. It cost a mere £5, but I still don't think it is worth the money. Straight away after opening it for the first time the led fell off,  I had to resharpen it three times. By which point the pencil was like half the size! I really don't believe it will last long at all. 
It was easy and quick to apply and lasted reasonably long, just sadly I don't think it is worth the price tag!

Do you have any good recommendations of lip pencils? Would love to try some more! 

Let the Good Times Roll Face Scrub

Popcorn scented? I'm sold. If you've been reading my blog for a while you will know that I love Lush's popcorn lip scrub! So when I ventured into lush the other week I asked the sales assistant if she had anything else popcorn scented. She introduced me to this delicious face scrub/cleanser called 'Let the Good Times Roll'. Straight away the scent is clear that it is popcorn, which if you are like me and hate washing by your nose with a bad smelling cleanser you will fall head over heels for this one!
You just get a little scoop full and add a tiny amount of water to create a scrub like consistence. Then onto damp skin I just massage it in till I feel nice and clean. It leaves my skin feeling smoother and then allows make-up to go on easier and smoothly.
A little goes a long way, I also find that although this is not a massive tub it is going to last me so long due to only needing a small amount. Unlike most face scrubs that are in tubes or bottles out of a tub it is easy to use up all the product.
This little tub has managed to feel my mornings with joy, leaving a lush popcorn scent lingering around my nose!


Sunday, 16 March 2014

SUNDAY SCHMOOZE #2 Sinful Colors

I'm going to start by just saying, sorry! I haven't posted since Tuesday, due to the amount of coursework that I have been doing this week. But I have got my self organised this week and have all my posts planned for the rest of March! As I haven't been up to much this week I thought for my Sunday schmooze post as I normally paint my nails on a Sunday I would just a review the polish. 
As you will remember if you are a reader of my blog last month I went on a massive shopping trip and picked up four of the sinful color polishes. When I buy new nail vanish I like to wear them all at the same time as I just can't choose. So I thought Queen of Beauty and Easy Going went quite nicely together and looked more pretty on the nails.
Keeping in mind these nail vanishes are a mere £1.99 each they lasted quite well before chipping. They were on my nails for 5 days so for £1.99, you can hardly complain. They dry super super fast which is a seller for me when it comes to nail polish.
I think sinful colors are amazing for if you want to expand your colour collection as they are so cheap and have so much to offer!

PS: I have a few posts due to be up this week such as Smashbox's new eye-shadow palette and many more beauty bits, so follow on my bloglovin (here) to keep up to date with my posts

PSS: I am also close to 100 followers on bloglovin which means my Mac give-away will be soon!


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Philosophy Shower Gel in 'Peppermint Stick' Review

Am I the only one still missing Christmas? The scents, seeing family, shopping, cozy nights, turkey! I know it's now February and I really should get over it but it is so hard to move on while I still have a tone of Christmas scented products. So therefore I am attempting to use them all up. 
While I still have a over flowing pile of Christmas Lush products I decided to mix it up and start using this product. Philosophy's scent "peppermint" has by far been my favourite, Christmas or not I can't get over how strong and gorgeous this scent is! Just a whiff and I'm in heaven. For hours and hours after I can still smell the scent clearly, which in a shower gel is to die for! Yes £14 for a shower gel is pricey but I think it is worth every penny! It leaves my skin feeling ever so soft and smooth, what could be better? 


Saturday, 8 March 2014

Smashbox Testers, Primer + Palette

Let me start by saying I am a huge lover of the Benefit Porefessional so I find purchasing other primers extremely difficult, when I have already found one I love and get on with. Luckily I received excellent customer service at Boots a couple of weeks ago and the lady gave me two rather large testers. I explained how I had a beauty blog, yet found reviewing primers hard as I never buy them, so she kindly offered me these two. How could I say no? 
Unlike Benefits Porefessional the formula is clear and gives no coverage, it feels ever so slightly greasy at first touch but not really noticeable. On the skin it is very easy to spread across a lot of skin which I find a little bit goes a lot further than the porefessional does. It feels silky and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth for before you apply your make-up. 
However I must admit there is a down side! I do find it doesn't help my foundation last as long as the porefessional does, so sadly I will not be purchasing this.
The customer assistant also gave me a really cool tester for the new Smashbox palette. I've never seen a tester like this for eye-shadows before, but it was really handy to test out! I have purchased this palette already as I am writing this post a couple of weeks after getting these testers so I could fully try them out. But I have already written out the review for the palette and it is a massive review, so check back on Monday to check that out!
I know quite a few people I know check out my blog and if you are local in Hertfordshire then I would highly recommend the Boots in St Albans, especially Lauren at the Smashbox counter. Best customer service that I have had in quite some time!
Check back on Monday if you are interested in seeing a full jam packed review on the Smashbox palette! and let me know in the comments some things I should pick up from Boots to try this month, as I had a few vouchers come through the door this morning!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Mac Lipstick in 'Shy Girl' Review

Get it at here for £15!

After reading many reviews, seeing many swatches and picking it up and putting it down in mac I finally caved in. 'Shy Girl' has been on and off my list for a few years now, for the pure reason of, I was worried it would just blend into my natural lip colour. 
As soon as I got it I applied it on my lips, I was surprised by the colour that came off because it looked so different to in the packaging. I'm not sure if this is how it looks on everyone, but on me it looks kind of rose gold.
The staying power is okay, not the best but not the worst. I can't wait to try this lippy out with a golden smokey eye, I reckon that's where I will get my wear out of it! 

How would you wear this shade?

Monday, 3 March 2014

Massive Haul!

So on Thursday aka pay day I went shopping. Personally as the nosy human being that I am, I love watching hauls and reading blog posts with detailed photos. So I thought why not share what I brought with my readers. Luckily the place I went shopping is where my nearest lush store lives, can we just take a second to stop staring at how cute the bunny bath bomb is! Yes their spring collection is out. I also picked up the glitter egg bath-bomb which has left me plastered in glitter for the last few days. Lastly I picked up the 'Let the Good Times Roll' cleanser, all I'm going to say is a blog post is coming very soon...
The first place I went was Topshop and I was slightly disappointed with their clothes they have in stock currently. Unusually for me I couldn't find one piece of clothing that I liked! However, I still seemed to manage to spend nearly £50. I picked up a pair of sneaker things, their lipstick in 'Depth' and a lip-liner. Of course when I saw something pug like I picked it up before even looking at what the item actually was. 
I haven't shopped in River Island in literally years, nor even stepped in the store. Firstly I picked up this beautiful t-shirt dress, some socks and a anklet for when I go on holiday! 
 I was so impressed with Newlook! I normally avoid Newlook as I always thought the clothes looked too young, what I mean by that is I always assumed the clothes were aimed at young girls. But I ended up with 4 pieces of clothes in my bag, which I could have left with a tone more! For sixth form the dress code is smart so these were the pieces I thought would be nice for spring and for sixth form wear. 
 In Boots I really did try and not go to crazy but there was a massive deal on for 3 for 2, across make-up, nails, hair and accessorizes. The Impress nails I got were on sale for a mere £2! (Reviews will be up for all products above)
My 'treat' purchase of the day was the new Smashbox palette. I don' want to talk about this too much as I have a full on review coming up soon!
 Sadly exam season starts soon, so therefore so does revision. To motivate me I popped into Paperchase which if you have never looked on there before, go now! I am also on the lookout for a cork board to put all my timetables and everything on so picked up a few bits to decorate it. I picked up some cute post cards and a bag that I plan to hang on it and put important paperwork inside. 
I don't even care if it is weird to show my new bras, we're all girls here right!? The main reason I wanted to show these bras is because in case any big busted girls are reading. These bras are from Ann Summers and are possibly the comfiest bras I have ever worn in my life! while looking nice too.
Lastly I treated myself to a Yankee Candle. An Easter edition one, how adorable?

Have you been shopping lately? Let me know what you brought in the comments!

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