Monday, 31 March 2014

Chit Chat and Update

I can finally let my hair down, like literally its been in a pony tail all day as I have had mock exams. The past two weeks have been filled with coursework and the dreaded deadlines. My as level Media Studies and English Language coursework was both due in and now they are in, I can focus on revising and my blog! But lets forget the boring stuff and move on to the real exciting updates...
I'M GETTING A PUPPY! A Jack Russel cross Parsons Terrier, she is so adorable and we have named her Honey already. We was going to call her sausage but well, lets just say it caused a lot of people to burst out laughing. We are picking her up on Saturday so expect a post all dedicated to the little one.
Also I will be featuring on Sophie Jane's blog over at so follow her to check out that this month! 
Currently I am just relaxing, having a lush bath, doing a face mask and an eye mask. Which has been a long time coming. It almost shocked me when my face-mask started to harden it's been that long.
This month I have all my posts planned out already, in fact I have already started coming up with Halloween and Christmas posts, organised much? My Smashbox Full Exposure Palette review is going up live tomorrow, which features a tone of beautiful swatches I must say so myself.

Hope you're having a lovely day, don't forget to comment any updates you have as I'd love to hear them and leave your blog links below as I need some new blogs to read!

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