Sunday, 2 March 2014

February Favourites!

Now I know February is the shortest month and all but how is it March already?! I'm already bathing in Lush Easter bath bombs. During February I didn't in all honestly try that many new products, so I don't have that many favourites that I haven't already mentioned in a favourites before.
I'll start with my beloved Tangle Teezer. Firstly its pattern, which just reminds me of my childhood. You can view a full review here! But I have honestly used this everyday and it is what I reach for first thing every single morning. 
This month I have really got into organizing, it has literally become a obsession. This moleskin Snoopy diary has become my latest companion in my bag. I write down everything in it from blog post ideas, to do lists and coursework. 
A big favourite of mine this month has been sweet scents. My Salted Caramel and Christmas Cookie yankee candles have been burning all month. So of course my favourite shower gel this month has been the Body Shops Chocomania. See a full review here to see why it is my favourite! 
Some make-up pieces I have been loving are the Scandal eyes nude eye-liner by Rimmel London and Collections concealer. I have been loving this nude eye-liner as it just brightens up my eye and really puts my eyes together on a night out! The Collection concealer I have been loving for quite awhile now. I tend to use it as a highlighter under my eyes to cover dark circles. But I can also use it successfully to cover up spots, a win, win!

What have you been loving in February, I need some new product recommendations to try out for March!


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