Monday, 3 March 2014

Massive Haul!

So on Thursday aka pay day I went shopping. Personally as the nosy human being that I am, I love watching hauls and reading blog posts with detailed photos. So I thought why not share what I brought with my readers. Luckily the place I went shopping is where my nearest lush store lives, can we just take a second to stop staring at how cute the bunny bath bomb is! Yes their spring collection is out. I also picked up the glitter egg bath-bomb which has left me plastered in glitter for the last few days. Lastly I picked up the 'Let the Good Times Roll' cleanser, all I'm going to say is a blog post is coming very soon...
The first place I went was Topshop and I was slightly disappointed with their clothes they have in stock currently. Unusually for me I couldn't find one piece of clothing that I liked! However, I still seemed to manage to spend nearly £50. I picked up a pair of sneaker things, their lipstick in 'Depth' and a lip-liner. Of course when I saw something pug like I picked it up before even looking at what the item actually was. 
I haven't shopped in River Island in literally years, nor even stepped in the store. Firstly I picked up this beautiful t-shirt dress, some socks and a anklet for when I go on holiday! 
 I was so impressed with Newlook! I normally avoid Newlook as I always thought the clothes looked too young, what I mean by that is I always assumed the clothes were aimed at young girls. But I ended up with 4 pieces of clothes in my bag, which I could have left with a tone more! For sixth form the dress code is smart so these were the pieces I thought would be nice for spring and for sixth form wear. 
 In Boots I really did try and not go to crazy but there was a massive deal on for 3 for 2, across make-up, nails, hair and accessorizes. The Impress nails I got were on sale for a mere £2! (Reviews will be up for all products above)
My 'treat' purchase of the day was the new Smashbox palette. I don' want to talk about this too much as I have a full on review coming up soon!
 Sadly exam season starts soon, so therefore so does revision. To motivate me I popped into Paperchase which if you have never looked on there before, go now! I am also on the lookout for a cork board to put all my timetables and everything on so picked up a few bits to decorate it. I picked up some cute post cards and a bag that I plan to hang on it and put important paperwork inside. 
I don't even care if it is weird to show my new bras, we're all girls here right!? The main reason I wanted to show these bras is because in case any big busted girls are reading. These bras are from Ann Summers and are possibly the comfiest bras I have ever worn in my life! while looking nice too.
Lastly I treated myself to a Yankee Candle. An Easter edition one, how adorable?

Have you been shopping lately? Let me know what you brought in the comments!


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