Sunday, 2 March 2014


My favourite time to write blog posts is on a Sunday. After pampering when I feel all relaxed. So I am going to be doing a 'catch up' Sunday post, every single Sunday. Currently I am catching up with emails, planning my week in my Snoopy planning organizer and of course while getting the occasion whiff from my Yankee Candle. 
This week has been pretty busy, Monday to Friday I had sixth form and on Thursday I went on a massive shopping trip with my friend. Tomorrow my haul post is going up so make sure you check back tomorrow to check that out!
Yesterday I saw The Lego Movie, which to my surprise was pretty good. I laughed a lot through out it and I thought it was good for adults as well as children. And to be honest all I could hear was adults laughing over the kids so...
Last night I spent the night at my boyfriends and we just relaxed and spent some time together which was nice. Then I awoke to my alarm this morning to go to work, just what everyone wants to wake up to on a Sunday!

I just wanted to share with you a few bits I picked up today and yesterday, as tomorrows haul post is only going to consist of stuff I brought on my shopping trip. Otherwise I won't get to share it with you guys!
I got to the cinema like 10 minutes before my boyfriend did so I just looked around the shops for a bit and ended up purchasing a few items from a little shop called Funk Rock. I brought a the cookie compact mirror above, as why not it looks like a cookie? and the BourBon tin as I just couldn't resist! Just need to decide what to put in it now, hair grips most like.
So today on my lunch break I made the big mistake of wandering aimlessly into John Lewis. Yes, I know bad move. I ended up leaving with yet another compact mirror, but this one has a dog on it so don't judge me it was much needed in my life! I also picked up the Philosophy Purity cleanser which I have wanted to try for the longest time.

I hope you have a lovely week and don't forget to follow on Bloglovin (link in side bar->) so we can get closer to doing my Mac giveaway!

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