Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter Nails - House of Holland

Can I just eat chocolate now? But with that in mind I have no idea how I am going to crack open my chocolate eggs in these nails! The other day I ventured into Boots dragging poor Zack along to find some Easter related beauty products to review. Along with a few other bits chucked into my basket as yano you can't just buy one thing in Boots, I picked up these cute little spring animal like nails. 
I liked how unique they looked and wanted to try out a claw shaped nail as I have always just stuck with the plain old square or rounded nail. It was weird at first and took some getting used to, but I really took to loving the shape. 
As for the print of the nails how adorable are they? I must admit the squirrel is my favourite!
They lasted a week which I thought for nails that stuck out so much was pretty decent, the glue was super strong and once they were applied I could not take them off what so ever!
I would really recommend these nails if you are looking for some cheap, cheerful nails for a few days but don't want to pay £25 for the job. 


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