Saturday, 5 April 2014

I went shopping... and started Youtube!

So pay day came and I stupidly just thought, 'I'll have a look online at what is in stores at the moment'. Yupp, this happened. 
First off from John Lewis I picked up a sunglasses case, how fricking cute is it? I thought it was perfect for when I go on holiday to Tenerife in July! So of course I had to pick up the matching tissues. Were they needed? er maybe. I also nabbed up the gimme brow by Benefit, which a review will be up soon for.
Now these Topshop bits I actually picked up in store. I have recurred quite the friendship with the staff on my breaks at work and now they always give me 10%, which is pretty dandy. So I picked up some sunglasses which are exactly like the Ray-bans that I wanted but just a bit cheaper! Some cute hair ties, my little pony nightwear in the sale for £15! Some jewellery and finally a pair of MOM jeans.
I haven't treated myself to something new from Mac in ages so I thought why not treat myself and place a order. I picked up three things I have been lusting over for literally ages. I picked up the mineralize skin finish powder, Viva Glams Rihanna's lipstick in the ever so famous Ruby Woo and the lipstick Creme cup!
If you are a lover of Boots you may know about the advantage card, basically a loyalty card. Through the post I got a leaflet with a load of vouchers the best one being 'spend £30 and get £4 worth of points on your card'. So naturally I just had to go online and spend over £30. (all products above will be up for reviews soon) let me know in the comments any you especially want to know about!
 Asos is either a win or a complete lose. I couldn't really find anything I wanted or even liked except these two pieces. I picked up a smock dress covered in little detailed lion heads, which I just simply couldn't not add to basket and a wishbone necklace which I thought was just really sweet.
I am now currently in exam season, so decided to spice up my revision with some new stationary from Paperchase. Just look how adorable this stuff is?

Want to see all this in a video? and actually hear my voice and see my face?  Well now you can as I finally swallowed my fear of the internet and made a youtube channel and put up my first video! I am going to be super active on my channel, I have already filmed 3 other videos and have them all lined up. Gold award for organisation? 
I would be over the moon if you could subscribe and leave comments.

and let me know in the comments anything you have brought in March, I'm nosey and would love to know!

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